SEGA’S HYENAS Gameplay Looks Impressive Despite Lackluster Reveal

We've got details on some of the gameplay elements that will be in HYENAS, the PvPvE shooter game developed by Creative Assembly.
Featured Hyenas Gameplay Information
Image: Creative Assembly

To say that the HYENAS reveal was a disappointment is an understatement. IGN branded the reveal as a “showstopping announcement” and after the one-hour long stream, the community felt robbed of its time. Not only was the reveal lackluster, but a lack of gameplay and key bits of information were missing. From what we officially know, the premise of HYENAS is that it’s a PvPvE shooter, with five teams of three trying to be the first to loot merch and extract.

Since its reveal, sources have since shown me gameplay of HYENAS under the request of anonymity and under the condition that the gameplay isn’t made public.

First off, I do need to say that the first-person title by Creative Assembly actually looks fairly impressive and I am surprised that gameplay wasn’t actually shown during the showcase. The game’s art style reminds me of a more detailed Borderlands and from what I saw, the game looked pretty complete for a title that’s scheduled to release in 2023.

An interesting part of HYENAS is the zero gravity rooms that make for a unique environment for an FPS game, where players need to boost themselves from point to point in order to move fast and effectively. This was done by pointing your cursor at a location and hitting a button/key to make you boost towards it. Once the location has been selected, the character uses their arms to propel them forward, just like astronauts do (basically swimming in the air). Whilst moving towards that designated location, players can still freely move their cursor off from that point to fire their weapons, which makes for some hectic engagements. The character interacts with the environment too, so if you want to stay on a wall, ceiling, or floating object, the character will hold on to it with one hand.

HYENAS features eight individual heroes with their own unique weapons, abilities, and skins. The four characters currently known are:

  • Commander Wright – Bropp Foam Gun
  • Galaxia – Herckle Shield
  • Prima – Zero-G Harness
  • Doc Hotfix – Drono Drone

There’s also one character that seems to have some kind of mechanized suit that could be seen in the reveal trailer.

YouTube video

The premise of HYENAS is simple, enter the map as a team of three, loot merch, and extract to win. In order to extract players must first hit a “Quota”, which is based on points that are automatically redeemed on the loot you pick up. Each lootable merch item has a value depending on its rarity, the super rare Sonic the Hedgehog teddy for example is worth 5000 points with the game’s Quota being 10,000 points. Sonic is only available in Vaults though, which requires the player to use a breaching device that will take around 40 seconds to cut open the door. So, it’s a high-risk, high-reward option if you want to win the game quickly as AI and other players will be aware of what you’re trying to achieve.

In addition to just looting merch to hit the quota, players can also loot weapon attachments, grenades, health, and armor. Downed players will also drop their loot, including the points needed to hit your quota.

HYENAS is scheduled to release in 2023.

Tom Henderson

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