SharkBite Christmas Codes – How to get and use them!

We're taking a look at everything you need to know about getting presents from Christmas codes in Roblox SharkBite!
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Roblox SharkBite has released the new Xmas update into the game, and how it works is a bit confusing for some players. If you aren’t sure what to do to get the Christmas codes in the game, we’ll walk you through the steps of obtaining them. Keep in mind that these will only get you the gift currency, these will not get you Teeth, which is what you use to purchase items in the game.

If you want to get some free Teeth, be sure to check out our SharkBite Codes page!

SharkBite Christmas Codes

To find a Christmas code in SharkBite, you will need to enter into a game and look for balloons that are floating around in the air on the map. When you see one, you can shoot it down with your gun. Go over to the place where the screen that was carried by balloon dropped into the water. This will have a code that you can use to redeem for presents.

Below is a look at one of the balloons floating in the air. Just shoot it a couple of times with your gun and it will drop the screen down into the water. You might see a balloon that is holding a gold screen. This one will give you bonus presents if you turn in the code, so make sure to go after that one.

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Drive your boat over to it or swim to find the code. The screen will scramble at times, so just wait for it to settle on a number. Keep in mind that codes will only work from balloons that dropped in your game. You can’t reuse a code or give it to someone outside of the game. The code in the image below will not work for you!

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Once you have a code, click on the “Input Code” button on the side of your screen. You can then type in the code into the “Enter Christmas Code” area and hit enter. If you got it correct, you should earn some presents!

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As you gain more presents, you will start to earn rewards. The rewards can be found in the game, but here’s an image that shows how many presents you need for each reward! Keep in mind that you can enter in multiple codes per round, so keep shooting down balloons!

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The rewards for collecting presents breakdown as follows:

  • Rudolph Shark – 10 Presents
  • Snowball Launcher – 40 Presents
  • Steam-train Boat – 100 Presents
  • Golden Sleigh – 200 Presents
  • RGB Turret Sleigh – 500 Presents
  • RGB Shark – 750 Presents
  • Golden Shark – 999 Presents

That’s everything you need to know about Christmas codes in Roblox SharkBite! Be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for more great content on the platform.

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