Siege Camp Reveals “Anvil Empires,” a New Medieval MMO from the Creators of Foxhole

Siege Camp, the studio behind Foxhole, announces their latest project, "Anvil Empires," a medieval MMO featuring large-scale battles, persistent online worlds, and empire-building.
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Siege Camp, the game development studio responsible for the popular game Foxhole, has announced their newest project, “Anvil Empires.” This medieval massively multiplayer online game allows thousands of players to collaborate in constructing empires, engaging in warfare, and conquering territories within a persistent online world.

Anvil Empires boasts massive melee battles and large-scale sieges, where players march alongside armies of their peers. The game is designed for extended play, with conquest campaigns spanning several weeks. Custom server technology accommodates up to 1,000 players in real-time, enabling epic battles in an open-world sandbox setting.

As part of the game’s progression, players can build settlements that evolve from small hamlets to bustling towns, inhabited by dozens or even hundreds of other players. These settlements offer various activities, such as farming, hunting, and husbandry, to support the war effort. Players can trade with neighboring settlements to further optimize their economies.

In addition to settlement-building, players can design and construct elaborate, multi-level keeps and fortresses built to withstand extended sieges. Supply camps and logistics lines must be established to maintain well-fed, armed, and rested armies. Success in battle hinges not only on martial prowess but also on strong economies and supply chains.

Preparing for large-scale assaults on enemy strongholds, players can build siege camps and construct equipment like siege ladders and battering rams to penetrate fortified walls and keeps. This innovative MMO offers players an engaging and immersive experience, combining medieval warfare with intricate empire-building.

Anvil Empires can be added to your wishlist on Steam today!

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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