Skull and Bones releases worldwide gameplay reveal

The new Skull and Bones trailer reveals key gameplay details such as progression, story and more.
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft Forward has just released Skull and Bones‘ first worldwide gameplay reveal, shortly after the announcement was leaked a few days ago.

You can watch the full spotlight and a live broadcast of gameplay on Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel here:

Before the trailer began, the devs took a few minutes to discuss some behind-the-scenes basics with fans, speaking vaguely to prepare for the full trailer.

This begins with a stunning cinematic, featuring remarkable graphics of the protagonist crashing their ship onto strange shores.

This sets up the survival elements of the game, teasing some island-driven resource management and dangerous sharks. It also puts players into the role of a pirate to survive.

After the trailer concludes, a release date is confirmed for November 8th, 2022. Then, world producer Vanessa Seow and game director Ryan Barnard elaborate on more gameplay details.

New Mechanics breakdown

Seow establishes that Skull and Bones will be gritty and realistic, with many unique enemies. Aside from deadly nature like hippos and storms, there’ll also be pirate hunters, big corporations and mutiny.

Your ship and crew morale can always crumble and sink, losing progress and resources. This can be recovered, but other pirates can steal it too. There will be multiple classes of customizable ships and gear that offer different advantages.

Players will build their fleet up from nothing but a small boat and spear. By gathering resources and completing contracts with pirates, you grow your “infamy”, which is the core progression system.

This will allow you to improve your gear and craft even more. This includes weaponry for naval battles, such as Greek fire, explosive mortars, bombards and more so that players can create their own strategies at sea.

Next, it’s revealed that Skull and Bones was designed for both solo and co-op, including dynamic world events. Players will be able to opt in to PvP servers.

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