Skull & Bones leaked footage details on exploration, combat, and gameplay

The Skull & Bones footage is from the game's alpha build and showcases all the game's features in detail.
Skull Bones Leak Image

A 6-minute detailed walkthrough of Ubisoft Singapore’s pirate game Skull & Bones has been leaked online. Originally intended as a simpler “pirate only version” of 2013’s Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, the game has undergone multiple internal reboots and several delays, damaging the development. Fortunately, it has survived being axed, and the footage indicates that the game is close to release.

Skull & Bones was first revealed back in Ubisoft’s E3 2017 showcase, which suggested it would be a PVP-based pirate game. There were several playtests and hands-on, but the game didn’t ship for many. Based on the initial reception, Ubisoft decided to push it back for a while, and the game would then become a troublesome child for the developers.

Skull Bones Leak Footage Image
Image: Ubisoft

The leaked footage details everything that players can anticipate from Ubisoft’s latest pirate adventure. According to the footage, the game’s setting is based on the Indian Ocean, set during the “golden age of piracy.” It is a PvP first game with an expansive world to explore and loot.

Players start as rookies, rising through the ranks; their objective is to become the most infamous pirate to sail the seas. Of course, you become an infamous pirate by destroying other ships, completing contracts, and raiding outposts. You can do all that solo or with co-op friends, including inviting other random players into your party.

There will be no shortage of perils that a pirate will face, including dangerous marine life such as sharks and gators. You’ll need to be careful when sailing as there will be a progression loss if the ship sinks. Lost goods can be restored, but other players can steal the goodies too.

While you can explore islands on foot, the footage makes the case for no in-depth land exploration or combat. Most of what you’ll do will be emotes or walking through the settlements and opening chests. But the complete picture of the game will remain in doubt until Ubisoft shares official footage themselves.

Last year, the game was reported to be a “nightmare” for Ubisoft, with even the developers being clueless during the game’s development. After surviving those upheavals, the publisher has now salvaged everything they could and is now gearing up for the release. Last month, they announced an insider program to test the game and seek feedback, also announcing a logo change. With everything in mind, the game is likely to make an appearance in the rumored Ubisoft showcase happening next month.

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