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Slayers Unleashed Tanjiro Raid v.67 Update Patch Notes

Roblox Slayers Unleashed has just received a new update that brings the Tanjiro Raid to the game!
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The Roblox Slayers Unleashed Tanjiro Raid v.67 update was released on December 5th, 2021! This release brings the Tanjiro Raid to the game, which ash no level requirement and can be tried by everyone! There’s new items to get from it, and some changes have been made to some other ones. You will find some new emotes and there’s a new objective teleporter! There has also been some buffs, nerfs, and various bug fixes to the game. Check out all of the details in the patch notes below.

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Slayers Unleashed Tanjiro Raid Patch Notes

  • Added Tanjiro Raid! (Sagiri Mountain Raid) (No Level Requirement)
    • Max Players: 4
    • Drops: Tanjiro’s Haori, Nezuko’s Haori, Flaring Blade
    • Waves: 5
  • Added new items!
    • Tanjiro’s Haori: 35% overall damage reduction, 50% increased health regeneration
    • Nezuko’s Haori: 15% overall damage reduction
    • Flaring Blade: 5% overall damage buff, 10% Sun Breathing damage buff
  • Changes have been made to items!
    • Kokushibou’s Haori: Gives 30% damage reduction and 30% increased health regeneration
    • Yoriichi’s Haori: Gives 30% damage reduction and 30% increased health regeneration
    • Thunder Blade: Gives 10% bonus damage for Dark Thunder and Thunder Breathing
  • Added Emotes!
    • Players have 3 starting emotes including Fall, Sit and Wave!
    • Emotes can only be used while standing still
    • 2 emote packs are in store (Check Gamepasses)
    • If you previously owned the Pre Order Emotes gamepass, it has been converted to the Emote Pack 1 gamepass
  • Added an Objectives Teleporter!
    • Players can open the menu from the button that says “Objectives” (bottom left)
    • The objectives menu displays drops, requirements to play the objective, wave count and more!
    • Teleports cost 500 Yen
  • Buffs/Nerfs:
    • Buffed Enmu stun time on Drowse Shot and Slumber Zone
    • Buffed Swamp overall damage
    • Buffed Flower Breathing damage
    • Lowered cooldowns for Thunder Breathing
    • Lowered cooldown for Mist Breathing’s “Haze Burst”
    • Lowered cooldown for Water Breathing’s “Piercing Rain Drop”
  • The Customization Gamepass now lets players use every face/hair
  • Ranked Match wins now give 100 Yen!
  • Farm 5 rows of rice quest now gives 200 Yen
  • Increased Yen cap to 50000 (was 25000 before)
  • The difficulty of raids/dungeons now scales with the amount in players inside the game
    • Added the possibility of leaving/starting raids without the raid GUI being open
    • Raids now award players with drops at the end of the final wave instead of per boss kill (everyone in the raid has a chance of getting the drop)
    • HP Regen in raids has been enabled
  • Inosuke (Trainer Boss) level requirement has been lowered from 800 -> 600

That’s everything we know about the Tanjiro Raid Update for Roblox Slayers Unleashed. Be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for details on many other games on the platform.

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