Slime Rancher Song of the Sabers Patch 0.2.0: Frozen Flame, UI fixes

Slime Rancher 2 has recently received a patch that brings some notable changes and bugfixes to the game.
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Slime Rancher 2 continues the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau, the brave rancher who explores a mysterious land known as Rainbow Island. The island is full of surprises, ancient technology, and never-before-seen slimes, making it a thrilling destination for gamers. Slime Rancher 2 has recently received a patch that brings some notable changes and bugfixes to the game. Let’s go through the details.

A new deco gadget called Frozen Flame has been added to the game. Players can find a blueprint for this gadget in a new Treasure Pod located in Powderfall Bluffs. It can be crafted in the Fabricator.

Several issues related to the world have been fixed. This includes adjusting aurora platform colors and Sun Sap asset size in Powderfall Bluffs, fixing resource node placement issues, addressing in-world model gaps, missing collisions, and LODs, and adding spring water splash SFX variants.

Some UI issues have been fixed, such as copy and translation typo corrections, resizing Slimepedia text in Russian to match font size in other languages, fixing font not displaying in Russian on gadget screens, adding a shoreline for Powderfall Bluffs on the map, and updating the loading screen image to accommodate ultrawide screens.

Some fixes related to slimes have been made, including fixing idle animation errors and slime parts not connected to the body on certain slimes, fixing Tarrs turning invisible when chomping, fixing Tarrs not despawning in scenegroups resulting in high numbers of Tarrs present in-game overtime, fixing Cotton Hunter Largos not turning feral when hungry, fixing Ringtail Largos becoming feral when hungry, and fixing Fire Slime despawning after time is fast-forwarded.

Some fixes related to science have been made, such as fixing Hydro Shower cooldown able to reset after picking up an item, correcting newbucks crafting cost on Golden Angler Statue, fixing Saber Gordo teleporter player interaction bug, and moving Location Flags from the Decorations category to the Utilities category in the Fabricator.

Some miscellaneous fixes include eliminating NullReferenceError reports, changing the “harvest resource” VFX to lower photosensitivity discomfort, removing flash when Ancient Teleporter activation VFX plays, and updating the Plort Market logic to refresh after saving the game.

The addition of the Frozen Flame deco gadget and the Treasure Pod in Powderfall Bluffs provides a new challenge for players, while the bugfixes improve the game’s performance and address various issues related to the world, UI, slimes, science, and other aspects of the game. Find official patch notes on Steam.

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