Spy x Family Episode 2 Recap – Secure a Wife

The second episode of Spy x Family has been released and fans are loving the small and secretive Forger family.
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The second episode of Spy x Family, Secure a Wife, has just aired, and the show keeps getting better and better. To begin with, the opening and closing songs are unique and iconic, and fans love the pop x spy theme.

In this episode, Loid must find a wife and a mother for Anya to help him establish a family for his secret operation. Secure a Wife starts with a bang as Anya rejects Franky Franklin as her mama after he appears wearing an excessive amount of makeup and is dressed like a woman.

Loid then recaps the critical goals of his mission for WISE, and that is to infiltrate Eden College. What he didn’t expect, however, is that both parents must attend the interview process, which means he has to find someone to become his wife as soon as possible!

What makes this episode so exciting is the introduction of Yor, an ordinary office clerk who moonlights as a deadly assassin. Unfortunately, her co-workers tease her for her unique personality and lack of makeup, and they even invite her to a party with her partner, even though they know she doesn’t have one.

Her co-workers also tease her for being twenty-seven and not having a boyfriend or marriage prospects. Even her brother mentions that it’s about time for her to get married. It’s not something she ever thought possible, considering her after-hours activities.

But after lying to her brother about having a boyfriend so that he will feel less bad about spending more time at work, she has no other choice but to find someone to go with her. But that’s after she takes care of multiple dirtbags staying at the Royal Hotel.

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While cleaning her weapons, she recounts her conversations from earlier in the day and how she needs to find a partner. Luckily for Yor, there is someone out there waiting for her.

Loid and Franky go through a list of unmarried women while discussing work when they agree they need to make Anya look like the daughter of someone wealthy. So, they go shopping. But Anya believes she’s being sold off when she’s just getting her measurements taken.

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At this boutique, Loid stumbles into Yor, who is trying to find an outfit to wear to the party. Their first interaction is awkward and funny and gives viewers a sense of second-hand embarrassment.

When Yor meets Anya, she feels horrible for pursuing a married man and states that the woman would likely kill her, although she’d do the same.

As Anya can hear Yor’s thoughts, she learns Yor is an assassin and believes that her life would be infinitely more exciting if they were to get married. So, Anya makes it very clear that Loid is a single dad.

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After hearing this, Yor asks Loid to be her fake boyfriend and attend the party with her, and he accepts, much to her surprise. In exchange, Loid asks Yor to act as Anya’s mother during the school’s interview process.

Loid then receives instructions on an extra mission, retrieving stolen art pieces from a smuggling ring, while buying groceries. But it coincides with the time he is supposed to meet with Yor. So, he has to be quick to uphold his end of the deal.

Unfortunately for Yor, she believes Loid has stood her up when he doesn’t arrive at their meeting point. So, she attends the party alone. But everyone believes that this is just an excuse for her not having a boyfriend, and she’s even called pathetic. Just as she’s about to leave, Loid bursts in with blood dripping down his face and onto his nice suit and apologizes for being late. He also introduces himself as Yor’s husband, mixing up his mission with hers!

Yor now must go along with Loid’s blunder. However, one of her co-workers wants to embarrass Yor by spilling hot food on her. Thankfully, Yor’s reflexes are superb, and she’s able to save the dish… with her feet.

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Seeing as that didn’t work, the woman tries again to embarrass her by saying she had a questionable job giving “massages” to men in hotel rooms. But this was just a cover for her assassination jobs. Loid, however, turns the situation around using his impressive acting skills and commends Yor for working so hard.

They then make their escape from the party. As Loid drives Yor home, another car, which Loid says is his patient still in the throes of having a psychotic episode, rams them. But it’s the remnants of the smuggling ring. As they make a break for it, Loid strikes their attackers, and they run away from the car while Anya questions whether it’s okay to hit a patient like that.

Loid makes excuses as they continue to be attacked and even apologizes for kicking one of them and interrupting the patient’s “concussive recovery method.” Yor doesn’t even question this and continues beating up his “patients.”

As they’re running, she asks him why they don’t get married, considering everyone already thinks that they are and it would be a beneficial arrangement for them both. With bullets firing upon them, Loid pulls the pin off a grenade, throws it, and proposes while under fire.

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Episode 2 of Spy x Family ends with a bang and shows a snippet of what we can expect in episode 3! Be sure to check out our Anime section for more great content! We’re also counting down to the next episode, which you can follow along with on our Spy x Family Countdown page!

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