Square Enix will launch a playable NFT Collectible Art Project next year

A Square Enix NFT Collectible Art Project, called Symbiogenesis, is scheduled for release in 2023.
Square Enix Will Launch A Playable Nft Collectible Art Project Next Year Image

On October 13, Square Enix filed an application to register a trademark for SYMBIOGENESIS. Some were quick to speculate that the trademark is for a new installment of the Parasite Eve series. Recently, Square Enix has made it clear that the purpose behind the ‘SYMBIOGENESIS‘ trademark is for an upcoming NFT Collectible Art Project that is slated to launch next year.

According to Business Wire, Square Enix announced ‘SYMBIOGENESIS’ as its first digital collectible art project developed from the ground up for fans of Web3. The project was first introduced during the Web3 Conclave, which is an event that is held inside the India Game Developers Conference (IDGC), which brings together attendees from all around the globe.

According to Square Enix, ‘SYMBIOGENESIS’ is set in a self-contained world where a wide cast of characters symbiosis, all of which may be collected as digital art. It boasts an interactive story and a committed community as its selling points. The art can be used for social media profile pictures (PFP) and as a character in a story that takes place in an alternative world. In the story, the player is tasked with “untangling” a mystery by completing missions that revolve around questions of the monopolization and distribution of resources. With each strategic move players make, more of the story unfolds.

A free browser service and the beginning of sales of ‘SYMBIOGENESIS’ NFT collector art are both scheduled to begin in the spring of 2023. Since November 3, 2022, the official Twitter account for the project has been disseminating information on NFT art to collectors all across the world. The Square Enix NFT project will support Ethereum (tentative) and will be accessible on Google Chrome for PC and smartphone applications. Meanwhile, the announcement was met with a variety of opinions from fans, most of which were unfavorable because of the general dislike that players have developed for NFTs in video games over the years.

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

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