Steam Client Beta Update Brings Tons of New Changes & Improvements

Discover the latest Steam Deck Beta update, which introduces a multitude of new features and improvements for a seamless gaming experience.
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The latest update for the Steam Client Beta brings with it an array of new features and improvements designed to enhance the overall Steam Desktop experience. Users are encouraged to test these features and provide feedback to help in further development.

Although not immediately visible, the update includes significant changes under the hood. These changes involve a restructured sharing of code across the Steam Desktop Client, Big Picture mode, and Steam Deck. This shift allows for faster implementation and iteration of new features, such as the Local Network Transfer update, which has been simultaneously introduced in both the Steam Client and Steam Deck.

In addition to the major alterations, the update offers numerous targeted visual and usability enhancements across Steam. The developers have updated dialogs, menus, fonts, and colors in various sections, including the main Steam header, Settings, and the game server browser.

Steam Beta Toolbar Example
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The In-Game Overlay has been completely revamped to provide a new user interface that offers greater utility and customizability. The toolbar has been redesigned to offer easy access to features like friends chat, achievements progress, guides, discussions, and a browser. Users can personalize the toolbar with their preferred content, which is then saved between games.

The Game Overview section serves as a central hub for updates related to the game since the user last played, including achievement progress, friends playing the same game, top guides, news, and more. Meanwhile, the new Notes app allows users to create notes for each game they play, complete with rich text formatting and the option to use it in offline mode. The notes are saved per game, synced across PCs, and accessible outside the in-game overlay on the game details page.

Steam Beta Notes Feature
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Another notable addition is the ability to pin windows from the overlay, such as Notes, Guides, Discussions, and the web browser, so they appear on top of the game while in play. Users can adjust the opacity level, and only the window’s contents will be pinned, excluding the title bar and other UI elements.

The update also enhances Steam Client notifications, making them more informative and useful. The green button now only activates when there is genuinely new content for the user. The tray view displays only new notifications, with a “View all” page available for a historical overview.

Steam Beta Screenshot Changes
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The screenshot manager has been thoroughly updated, providing users with a more responsive interface, a choice between large or small thumbnails, and the option to view recent screenshots rather than those sorted by game. The manager also allows users to manage both online and local screenshots.

The update’s technical work has made it possible to enable hardware acceleration for the Mac and Linux versions of Steam, resulting in faster animations, scrolling, and a more responsive UI. Linux users can try the new client today, while Mac users will have to wait a few more weeks for public testing.

To opt into the Steam Client Beta and try out these new features, users can follow the provided instructions. Feedback and bug reports are encouraged and can be shared in the forums to help refine and improve the Steam experience.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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