Summoners War: Chronicles Feb 23 update: New monsters, events, and rewards

Summoners War: Chronicles’s February 23 update is live, bringing new monsters, events and rewards, and bug fixes to the game!
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Summoners War: Chronicles’s February 23, 2023, update is live, bringing new monsters, events, and bug fixes and changes, to the game. Besides the latest content, the updates will help fix chat issues, clones not disappearing, and attack colors not matching the attribute. 

Details of the events and the update were obtained from Summoners War: Chronicle’s official news post. Below, we’ve included everything you need to know about the new monsters, events and rewards, and changes. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

Summoners War: Chronicle’s February 23 Update

New Monsters

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower Collaboration Monsters will see four new ones added, including five-star Hyeonu Kim (Fire), five-star Narin Ha (Water), five-star Mi Ryeong (Wind), and four-star AV (Light).

It’s important to note that:

  •  All four can only be summoned for the first time through the collaboration rate-up summon. 
  • The default summon rate of other summon altars, except for the collaboration rate up summon, is 0%. 
  • The summon rate of the Monster will increase when added to the Altar’s Blessing.
  • This will be available from February 23 to February 25.

New Event

Six new events have been added to the game, and they include the following:

  • The Advanced Player of the Trial of Ascension
    • From now until March 25, clear various Trial of Ascension missions to obtain four-star AV (light)
  • I’m the Advanced Player
    • From now until March 25, get several rewards, including scrolls and Tutorial Tower exclusive skill currency based on the number of Feats collected from completed missions.
  • Surprise Encounter with AV
    • Until March 25, challenge various missions to get a four-star AV (Light).
  • One Step at a Time
    • From now until March 25, clear missions every day to earn Feats. A new 15-day mission for advanced players will appear if you clear all the daily missions.
  • Plenty of Mystical Summons
    • From now until March 10, perform Mystical and Rate Up Summons and earn Mystical and Legendary scrolls based on the number of summons. 
  • Arena Surprise Wheel Event
    • From now until March 2, earn points based on the Challenge/Brawl Arena participation to spin the wheel to earn rewards like Arena Coins, Mystical Scrolls, and Sky Stones.

New Improvements and Changes

  • Summoners War: Chronicles x The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower Collaboration
    • The title screen will be changed to a special collaboration screen.
    • Exclusive collaboration quests will be added.
    • The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower collaboration Monster exclusive skill level-up currency “Rift Soul Ember,” “Rift Soul Lantern,” will be added.
      • “Rift Soul Ember” and “Rift Soul Lantern” can be obtained from the collaboration event.
      • Rift Soul Ember” and “Rift Soul Lantern” cannot be used on non-collab Monsters.
  • East Server Standard Time Change
    • The standard time of the East server will be changed after the Feb. 23rd update.
    • Before the 02/23 (Thu) Update: PST(UTC-8)
    • After the 02/23 (Thu) Update: EST(UTC-5)
      • Please refer to the detailed notice for more information.
  • Summoner
    • Kina’s Fire attribute skill “Prometheus’ Fire” will now provide ally HP recovery once.
      • The total recovery amount is unchanged.
  • Galagos Ruins
    • Creatures in Galagos Ruins will now use all owned skills.
  • Other
    • Four-star Martial Cat (Fire/Water/Wind) and four-star Howl (Fire/Water/Wind) will be added to the exchange list in the Monster Selective Shop.
    • Rainbow Shard, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Strawberry Chocolate will be added to the exchange list in the Event Currency Exchange.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue of the chat block list only showing up to 2 users.
  • Fixed the issue of certain battle support rewards being displayed and obtainable abnormally in [Party Dungeon] – [Rupture].
  • Fixed the issue of Water Archangel not using the Holy Water skill frequently enough in auto-battle.
  • Fixed the issue of the clones not disappearing after attacking Crook Troop Leader Gary in Tesca – [Silent Cave].
  • Fixed the difference in Fire Beetle Knight’s Ironshield and Ultimate Ironshield’s skill range at certain skill levels.
  • Fixed the difference in Dark Harpy’s Sign of Death’s target condition at certain skill levels.
  • Fixed the issue of Kina following a distant party member when using Light Bless or Stardust.
  • Fixed the issue of a certain text appearing when selecting a whisper target in the World chat.
  • Fixed the issue of the recipe of materials obtainable from field events not appearing in [Profession] – [Cooking].
  • Fixed the issue of the color of the Wind Specter Mage’s attack effect not matching the attribute.
  • Fixed the issue of the notification not being removed after claiming the Guild Raid reward.
  • Fixed the issue of certain texts and the time left not appearing in [Party Dungeon] – [Seal] – [Ruined Temple].
  • Modified the number of Galaxy Stone Boxes that can be purchased each season in the Galagos Shop.
  • Fixed the issue of the [Cursed Power] effect not activating in Galagos Ruins.
  • Fixed the issue of certain parts of Beetle Knight’s skill description not showing.
  • Fixed the issue of Wind Archangel’s Archangel’s Mercy applying an abnormal duration of Soul Protection.
  • Fixed the issue of certain skill descriptions of Light Werewolf being shown in the wrong order.
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