Super Hog Rider Officially Revealed for Clash of Clans

The popular game Clash of Clans introduces the Super Hog Rider, an upgraded version of a classic character, in the game's June 2023 update. This article outlines the significant changes and added abilities of the new Super Troop.
Clash Of Clans Super Hog Rider
Image: Supercell

In the midst of sneak peeks and promises of going “hog wild,” Clash of Clans has unveiled a treat for its fans during its second day of teases for the June 2023 update. The highly popular game, known for its iconic characters, has taken the Hog Rider, one of the most legendary troops, and given it the Super Troop treatment, resulting in the Super Hog Rider.

The Super Hog Rider, everyone’s adored hog-mounted warrior with a hammer in hand, is now making its much-awaited debut. This legendary character is famous for his unmistakable falsetto cry that has fans repeating it with zeal. However, the Super Hog Rider is more than a reskin of an iconic character.

Beyond the fresh aesthetics, the Super Hog Rider is no ordinary hog rider. The character, along with his faithful hog, now sports a revamped appearance and boasts formidable prowess on the battleground. The Super Hog Rider is not just all about the looks; he has the strength to back it up.

Available to players from Town Hall 13 for Hog Riders at level 10 and above, the Super Hog Rider packs more hit points (HP) and damage per second (DPS) than his predecessor. It further has a unique capability where the Hog and Rider separate and become independent units continuing the fight once the Super Hog Rider is destroyed. The Hog, capable of leaping over Walls, focuses on Defenses, while the Rider targets the nearest enemy Building.

Super Hog Rider Stats
Image: Ninja

The Super Hog Rider comes with single-target damage, targeting ground units and a housing space of 12. The unit moves at a speed of 24 and can be trained in one minute and forty-eight seconds. The statistics for the Super Hog Rider vary depending on the Town Hall level, with hit points and DPS increasing from 1500 and 180 at level 10 to 1700 and 230 at level 12, respectively.

Upon separation, the Hog targets defenses, inflicting single-target damage on ground units and has a movement speed of 32. Depending on the level, the Hog’s HP ranges from 800 to 1000, while DPS ranges between 50 and 60.

On the other hand, the Rider, whose favorite target is any enemy, can cause single-target damage to ground units. The Rider moves at a slower speed of 16 but can deal double damage against Walls. The Rider’s HP and DPS vary from 550 and 180 at the initial level to 700 and 230 at the highest level.

With the introduction of the Super Hog Rider, Clash of Clans now boasts an extensive array of Super Troops for players to select from, enhancing the strategic depth of the game. Players can now adapt their strategies according to the situation, making the game’s attack and defense planning more intriguing. In addition, the game developers have added a new feature with this update, allowing players to deactivate their active Super Troops.

The cancellation process involves tapping on a newly introduced “Cancel” button. However, it’s essential to note that canceling an active Super Troop will not refund any Dark Elixir or Super Potions used during the activation process. Deactivated Super Troops will remain unavailable for training until they are reactivated by the player.

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