Super Rare Games Set to Release a Limited Happy Game & Pilgrims Physical Copy for Nintendo Switch on June 15th

Amanita Design has partnered with Super Rare Games to bring Happy Game and Pilgrims onto one cartridge for Nintendo Switch.
Super Rare Games Happy Game And Pilgrims
Image: Super Rare Games

Amanita Design, the Czech indie game development studio, has announced a collaboration with physical games publisher Super Rare Games. The partnership aims to bring two exceptional titles, Happy Game and Pilgrims, together on a single cartridge for the Nintendo Switch console. This limited physical edition features a reversible cover and will be restricted to just 4000 copies. Fans can look forward to this exciting release on June 15th.

Originally introduced as a digital release in 2021, Happy Game offers players a mind-bending psychedelic horror experience. In this game, players will follow the thrilling adventure of a little boy who falls asleep in a horrible nightmare. With three unforgettable nightmares to endure and escape, players must unravel deeply disturbing puzzles within vibrant yet unsettling environments, encountering a cast of characters with enigmatic and suspicious smiley faces.

In contrast, Pilgrims, a playful adventure game that was first released digitally in 2019, offers a different atmosphere. Although lacking the vibrant ambiance of Happy Game, this title invites players to freely explore their surroundings, forge new friendships, share laughter with fellow travelers, and assist them in completing their individual little stories. Packed with 45 achievements, Pilgrims is a game designed to be played more than just once.

Both Happy Game and Pilgrims have received overwhelmingly positive reviews since their initial release. Most critics lauded Happy Game for its unique blend of horror, dark comedy, and challenging puzzles. Pilgrims, on the other hand, received praise for its delightful storytelling approach, well-crafted puzzles, and multiple endings. Notably, Amanita Design’s distinct visual style, characterized by its impressive cartoonish design, remains a highlight in both games.

Fans can pre-order the Happy Game and Pilgrims Nintendo Switch physical copy exclusively from the Super Rare Games store starting June 15th. Priced at $37.65 USD, £36.00 GBP, or €41.94 EUR, this limited edition release is restricted to a maximum of two copies per person.

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Shemiah Ruina

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