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Synth Riders Patch Notes: August 19th Update!

A new update has been released today for Synth Riders on August 19th, 2021 that brings bug fixes and other changes to the game!
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A new update has been released for Synth Riders, August 19th, 2021! This new release brings bug fixes that will hopefully cure any issues you’ve had with the game in the past. The meat of this patch is dedicated to bolstering the Twitch integration aspect of the game. There’s a variety of commands you and your viewers can now you to stop and start the queue, and additional ways to refine search results. You will find all of the changes in the patch notes below.

Synth Riders August 19th Patch Notes

Twitch Integration

– Common request queue command shortcuts added to !close and !open the request queue, to go with existing !top and !oops commands.
– Improvements to !srr search algorithm:

* OST (for the game’s soundtrack) is a searchable term now as well as the unique ID (hash) of the song.
* You can use the full details of a map to add an exact request in the format <song name> (<artist>, <mapper>)
* On identical maps (same song name, artist & mapper) the one with the newer modified timestamp will be used (handy for testing maps which you’ve created!).
* If a search returns multiple results, that result can be selected by the person who submitted the request when using its index number, starting from 1. The index to results can continue to be used until a new request is added without using the old index:

Viewer: !srr all night
Synthriders: 2 alternatives found: All Night (PRIZM, OST), All Night (Parov Stelar, OST)
Viewer: !srr #1
Synthriders: All Night (PRIZM, OST) added to the queue
Viewer: !srr #2
Synthriders: All Night (Parov Stelar, OST) added to the queue
Viewer: !srr lazer pink
Synthriders: Lazer Pink added to the queue
Viewer: !srr #1
Synthriders: No matches found

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • When a score upload fails, the game will now retry twice more before giving up.
  • Filters corrected to show only cross-platform player scores.

Those are all of the bug fixes, changes, and updates that were made in this new patch for Synth Riders! If you’re curious about other updates for a variety of games, be sure to check out the Patch Notes section of our website.

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