System Shock Remake 1.0 Patch Brings Many Bug Fixes and Improvements

The System Shock Remake's 1.0 patch features an array of improvements and bug fixes, promising a smoother journey for players through Citadel Station.
System Shock Remake Update
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The remake of the 1994 classic, System Shock, recently received a significant patch. The remake, which combines the original’s influential gameplay with new high-definition visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and fresh sound design, now boasts version 1.0, intended to enhance the player’s experience within Citadel Station.

Among the patch’s many updates, several critical fixes have been implemented to address issues that could cause the game to crash. These crashes occurred under various conditions, such as when entering the Flight Deck with outdated DX11 versions, when exiting Maintenance Cyberspace, and during a session of Grove Chess. Players will now be able to navigate these areas without worry.

In addition, the patch addresses several issues with ragdolls, which previously would fall into place when loading into levels or saves. With this patch, this problem is no longer present. The ragdoll behavior on the Human Corpse attached to Cortex Reaver has also seen improvements. To see these changes, players will need to save their game at least once after downloading the patch.

Weapon issues are another key area addressed in this patch. Weapons with installed Modkits were not always displaying their attachments correctly, and the Magnum’s laser sight was not functioning as expected when loading a save with it enabled. Both these issues have been rectified in the 1.0 patch.

In terms of audio, the patch fixes a bug where elevator music would continue playing even after the player character’s death and respawn on another level. There’s also a fix for disappearing Audio Log Portraits under certain conditions.

Gameplay improvements feature prominently in the patch, such as improved AI for both Realspace and Cyberspace enemies, balance tweaks to the Maintenance Cyberspace Level, and a more functional Magnum Weapon laser dot. There’s also an added Headbob Option in Accessibility Settings and a new Autosave feature for each time a Surgery Machine is used, regardless of difficulty level.

Among other enhancements, the Credit Machines will now dispense Tri-Credits when a Finance Chip is used, Broadcast Monitors can be shattered when attacked, and the Minipistol Burst-Fire Modkit now shoots three rounds instead of two, with the option to toggle on and off.

The patch has also ensured Bio-Tanks cease generating hazards after a short duration following their destruction, and items can be conveniently bound to the hotbar by pressing a hotbar hotkey while hovering over the item.

Source: Steam Blog

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