The Binding of Isaac 1.7.9 Repentance Patch Notes have been released

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has received a large patch that makes quite a few gameplay changes and fixes a bunch of bugs!
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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has received a brand new update on November 4th, 2022. In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game. You can find all of the official patch notes listed below.

You can discuss the details of the update on the official Steam page for this update.

The Binding of Isaac 1.7.8 Patch Notes

  • C Section fetuses now only deal 75% damage every 10 frames (from 100% damage every 8 frames)
  • Lil Dumpy now has a secondary, larger detection radius that can cause it to randomly trigger from nearby enemy projectiles
  • Glowing Hourglass no longer has a cooldown, but can only be used three times per floor (at which point it temporarily functions as the regular Hourglass)
  • Increased the cooldown of D10 to 2 (from 1). It now ΓÇ£devolvesΓÇ¥ enemies instead of replacing them with a random enemy
  • Cain’s Other Eye now follows Isaac and copies all tear modifiers/stats, but shoots in random cardinal directions and has -25% reduced damage
  • Bum Friend can now give batteries and items from the Beggar pool
  • The Black Bean now causes multiple farts in quick succession and leaves poisonous gas clouds
  • 20/20 now only decreases damage by -20% (from -25%)
  • Isaac’s Tears now has an added +5 damage bonus applied to the tears
  • Sticky Bombs now cause white creep to splash on the ground, slowing enemies
  • Breath of Life now takes less time to activate and recharge. Upon blocking damage with perfect timing, it will release holy beams in four directions (similar to Salvation) and grant a brief shield effect
  • Athame no longer creates a black ring on damage taken, instead it adds a chance for the ring to spawn around killed enemies (scales with luck)
  • Betrayal no longer charms all enemies on damage taken, it now allows enemy projectiles to hit other enemies – when an enemy takes damage from an enemy projectile, it will attempt to target the enemy that fired it
  • My Shadow no longer creates dark chargers on damage taken, instead Isaac’s shadow will closely follow him and create temporary dark chargers when enemies come into contact with it
  • Increased the damage of Lil Brimstone to 3 per tick (from 2.5)
  • Increased the damage of Shade to 5 per tick (from 2)
  • Razor Blade and Blood Rights now only cost a half heart after the first usage in a room
  • Ouija Board now grants a tears up (equal to that of Squeezy)
  • My Reflection now grants a damage up (equal to that of Death’s Touch) and a luck down
  • Reduced the cooldown of Mom’s Pad to 2 (from 3). It now also spawns 1 blue fly on use
  • Adjusted the cooldown of Blank Card with a few cards
  • A penny now appears in all curse rooms when in possession of Voodoo Head
  • Cube Baby can now be launched by melee attacks
  • The Bag of Crafting can no longer be crafted
  • Saturnus tears no longer damage grid entities (such as poop and TNT barrels)
  • Items spawned from chests can now be safely picked up in the Death Certificate area
  • Removed a redundant range increase from Crown of Light (it used to counteract the shot speed decrease)
  • Reduced the devil price of Sacrificial Altar to 1 heart- Increased the average amount of items available for purchase in devil rooms
  • Added Backstabber to the devil room pool
  • Added Book of Revelations, Stigmata, Jesus Juice and Purity to the angel room pool (they were previously only there in Greed mode)
  • Added C Section to the Ultra Secret room pool
  • Added Mom’s Ring to the Old Chest pool
  • Added Epic Fetus to the treasure pool (at very low weight)
  • Added Glowing Hourglass to the Greed mode treasure pool
  • Added Ouija Board to the Greed mode devil pool
  • Added Breath of Life to the Greed mode angel pool
  • Moved Mom’s Key from the Greed mode silver treasure pool to the Greed mode shop pool
  • Tainted Bethany can now use her blood charges to place bombs when in possession of Blood Bombs
  • Mom’s Toenail now drops a foot every 20 seconds (previously every 2 minutes), with further reduced time for the doubled/golden variants
  • Duct Tape now affects delayed following familiars (such as Multidimensional Baby and Shade)
  • Cracked Dice now has a chance to trigger the D10 effect
  • Shot speed up/down is now considered a minor pill effect, meaning other stat modifying pill effects are slightly more likely to appear instead
  • The shop is now offering a discount on a variety of active items
  • Ultra secret rooms can no longer generate near curse rooms (this fixes a rare softlock caused by using The Moon? in certain floor layouts)
  • Portals, Purgatory cracks and buttons now always render above water to aid in visibility
  • Rooms containing Suction Pitfalls in the Scarred Womb can no longer be bloody
  • Reduced the damage enemy Brimstone lasers deal to other enemies to 11 per tick (from 22)
  • Increased the health of Blastocyst’s largest form to 300 (from 190)
  • Increased the health of The Hollow’s segments to 26 (from 22)
  • Hangers can now be champions
  • Needles and Pasties can no longer be champions
  • The Stars and Joker cards can now show up in Greed mode
  • Baby Plum, Bumbino, The Pile and Reap Creep are now locked behind the ΓÇ£Something wicked this way comes+!ΓÇ¥ achievement
  • Added game over portraits for spiked chests, spiked rocks, Hell Game, Confessional, buckets, mushrooms, polyps and the Mausoleum entrance
  • Added attack sound effects for Bob’s Rotten Head, The Candle and Red Candle
  • Added feedback for actives with a timed recharge being ready to use
  • Added more golden/doubled trinket effects
  • Added a few more coop babies
  • Added even more new room layouts and updated various existing layouts (note that resuming a saved run from before this update may result in temporarily broken maps/rooms)
  • Updated a few boss champion sprites
  • Updated the sprite for Breath of Life
  • Updated the ΓÇ£giantbookΓÇ¥ animations
  • Updated various item qualities
  • Added French language support
  • Updated localization files


  • Fixed the button in Greed mode dealing damage when in Lost form (from Soul of the Lost or when playing as Tainted Jacob)
  • Fixed a few useless items, trinkets and cards appearing in Greed mode (such as The Moon?)
  • Fixed Ultra Greed getting stuck in his dash state forever when his movement is blocked by certain objects (his dash now automatically ends after 3 seconds)
  • Fixed Dangle and Turdlings not being locked behind the ΓÇ£Something wicked this way comes!ΓÇ¥ achievement
  • Fixed Cube Baby sometimes flying in the wrong direction when thrown with Mom’s Bracelet
  • Fixed an issue with Multidimensional Baby that could cause laser items to damage Isaac when changing rooms
  • Fixed Esau’s items becoming dormant when using a revival item that changes character
  • Fixed the Forgotten’s Brimstone balls not dealing increased damage against enemies affected by Brimstone curse
  • Fixed the Forgotten losing his deal chance when losing a bone heart to a curse room door or similar damage sources
  • Fixed rotten hearts and broken hearts getting removed from the Forgotten’s inactive form when saving and resuming a run
  • Fixed Tainted Forgotten’s soul and Tainted Lazarus’ hologram being able to exceed the movement speed cap
  • Fixed Tainted Lazarus’ hologram being vulnerable to damage from certain sources
  • Fixed a crash caused by using a pill after using The Fool? with Echo Chamber
  • Fixed a crash caused by using R Key with Broken Remote
  • Fixed a crash caused by too many knives passing through Multidimensional Baby at once
  • Fixed rewards from the Suicide King card not being seeded
  • Fixed enemy kills in the current room not giving score after using the D10
  • Fixed being able to go beyond the intended goal of a daily challenge using the crawlspace out of bounds teleport into the Error room
  • Fixed using Forget Me Now while picking up another active item with the Schoolbag causing the other active item to be consumed instead
  • Fixed items with variable charge time (such as D Infinity) not always having the expected amount of charge when dropped and picked back up
  • Fixed 120 Volt attacking perma-charmed enemies
  • Fixed Adrenaline’s damage bonus not updating when losing a bone heart from damage
  • Fixed a rare case where Vasculitis would spawn a hostile fire when killing a burning enemy
  • Fixed Friend Finder allies being duplicated when saving/resuming as Jacob & Esau or Tainted Forgotten
  • Fixed win streaks being cleared and not being able to save/resume a run after being revived by Mysterious Paper
  • Fixed Bumbino rarely getting teleported to an invalid position after being suplexed
  • Fixed Siren attempting to take control of Star of Bethlehem and causing damage from an invisible source
  • Fixed Tuff Twins being able to pass through rocks when being pulled by certain item effects
  • Fixed Vis Versa’s brimstone beam not always using the correct color in challenge rooms
  • Fixed an issue with pink champion Haunt’s death animation
  • Fixed champion Flaming Hoppers not using their proper champion sprites
  • Fixed certain champion enemies (such as Globins) not using the correct body color
  • Fixed status effect icons not appearing on Meatball, Dark Ball, Rag Man’s head and Mega Satan’s second phase
  • Fixed some items with no passive effect being granted by Lemegeton and Cantripped challenge cards
  • Fixed various items not increasing/decreasing range as much as intended
  • Fixed Shard of Glass appearing with the Lost’s Birthright
  • Fixed Guppy’s Eye not being in the curse room pool
  • Fixed Chaos not including item pools introduced in Repentance (such as the Planetarium)
  • Fixed double pennies, nickels and dimes healing Keeper for only half of their intended amount
  • Fixed rocket bombs exploding on contact with certain types of projectiles
  • Fixed rocket bombs being slowed down when passing through regular bombs
  • Fixed Bone Knights receiving more knockback from tears than intended
  • Fixed minor issues with certain room layouts
  • Fixed not being able to open the Mausoleum door when playing on the ALM1 GHTY seed
  • Fixed taking damage when going to the next floor when playing on the D0NT ST0P seed

Modding Changes

  • Debug overlays no longer attempt to localize item/entity names and will always display them in English
  • Added extra safety checks to prevent Bag of Crafting from crashing due to item pools containing invalid entries

Those are all of the details from the most recent update for the game. You can find information on a lot more of what’s going on in the Gaming News section of our website.

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