The Division Heartland to Feature Four Game Modes, Crossplay, and more

The Division Heartland will feature a total of four game modes according to sources.
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Several months ago, I revealed in an exclusive Xfire article some key details on The Division Heartland. Details included two game modes, the map, base of operations (BOO), and more. Sources have since provided additional key details on the game, including that the game will now have four modes instead of two. 

We already know of these two modes, with one mode being named Excursion and the other named Storm. Here’s a brief overview of all four modes coming to The Division Heartland.


Excursion, which was previously leaked as Expedition is a PvE mode that is aimed to get you prepared for Storm. In this mode players need to scavenge, loot, explore, and survive against enemy AI with the objective of extracting from the map via helicopter. Several people had implied that Excursion is essentially the tutorial mode of Storm, where players can get familiar with the map and modes concept before going against other players.


Storm seems to be Heartland’s flagship gamemode that is PvPvE. Just like with Excursion, players need to scavenge, loot, explore, and survive. But of course, unlike Excursion, players need to fight against other players as well as AI. Unlike the majority of Battle Royale and extraction-based games, Storm is a little different in the sense that the gas expands from random points in the map, making each game different and challenging.


Nightfall is the third Heartland mode that is an objective-based PvE mode. Just like with Storm, players need to loot up, survive, and extract to your Base of Operations (BOO). Nightfall is a little different though with added layers to increase the difficulty of the mode have been added. The mode requires players to complete objectives throughout the playthrough; some of these objectives include deploying beacons, tracking down targets, and collecting agent data. 

Unlike Storm, players cannot extract with a helicopter and instead need to extract via an extraction point on foot at the edge of the map. The catch? Players cannot extract from Silver Creek at nightfall and need to survive the night against AI enemies called “Vultures” once the sun goes down.


Not much is currently known about Hunt, but sources have suggested that this mode is more PvP-based. Presumably, players will need to kill one another without having to deal with AI. 

In addition to these new modes, sources have confirmed several other key details, including that The Division Heartland will feature crossplay and it’s currently in active testing. In addition, the game has had a huge overhaul to the likes of its inventory and gear system, which has made the system more familiar to The Division players.

Sources have provided under the request of anonymity footage and images of The Division Heartland and from my own impressions, it does appear that the game is near completion. Ubisoft has already pushed back Heartland’s release several times, but it’s expected that the game will release by the end of the year.

We should be hearing of the game soon, possibly during a Ubisoft showcase which is expected in the coming months, or it could be shown at this year’s Xbox “E3” presentation. 

Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson

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  1. Hunchy

    So Storm is basically the Dark Zone, but with Battle Royale/Tarkov rules? I truly hope the pure PvE offerings are substantial enough to warrant long term play, because Nightfall (excursion as well, but that’s being touted as a practice mode for Storm) does not sound ideal. If they’re keeping the main game under wraps and just showcasing the alternative game modes then there’s hope yet. Otherwise I’ll stick with Div 2 for however long they support that. The PvP scene for Division does not seem that strong for it to warrant a game with that as the main focus.

  2. Timmsy

    Looks crap, cashing on more PvP when Division was always a larger playerbase in the PvE. I don’t want to spend ages getting loot to then get killed by other players extracting it, I just want have a good time doing missions with my mates as a last line of defence for the world and help rebuild it. You know, the actual story of the division!!

    1. YoMOMMASlover

      Facts but they always find a way to ruin things


    No campaign\Story mode in this one? That’s the only thing I play the division for.

  4. Lethalweapons

    I can’t wait all Divison games are a slam dunk in my book. Genius!

  5. Cgarduc1

    So we’re looking at more gang up and kill an agent but we’re just not calling it another DARK ZONE. Sorry I’m out. – Another Day 1 D1 and 2 Player.

    1. your mom

      its free to play relax its not like your paying $60 for it

  6. GrimReaper

    So more of a Div 1 feel, which would s good because 2 was trash.

  7. Lantossidhe

    Super excited!!

  8. cocky456

    Can’t wait