The Sims announces “Lights Out” marathon stream with mxmtoon and more

The Sims announces a full day of livestreams with popular YouTubers and gamers like Sapnap.
Featured Sims Lights Out Stream Image
Image: EA

The Sims is a classic game, but it’s been around for a long time, so fans were pleased with a surprise announcement today that a full day of streaming is in store for June 24th beginning at 9 AM pacific time.

Here’s the official reveal from The Sims’ Twitter feed, which lists all of the popular streamers that fans can expect:

The announcement was first teased with a short trailer of mxmtoon discovering alternate versions of themselves with Sims, aiming for humor with a hulking figure or candelabra-wielding ghost.

However, the advertisement was very unclear, and didn’t include any of the information just released, so most players were left scratching their head. Releasing mxmtoon’s teaser may have even been an accident.

Now, fans know that seven different streamers and one special guest are going to play The Sims for at least ten hours straight.

Guest list and details

The featured streamers will include Roxxsaurus, Noemie Stinguette, Ebonix, James Turner, mxmtoon, Sapnap, and Kelsey Dangerous.

Roxxsaurus is a UK YouTuber, mainly known for her fashion videos. Mxmtoon, or Maia, is best known as a YouTuber who sings and plays the ukulele. Sapnap is a big name in Minecraft, popular for their challenge videos.

However, most of the guests frequently play Sims on Twitch. Noemie, Ebonix, Kelsey Dangerous and James are all popular Sims streamers, even if they sometimes try out different games here and there.

James Turner will have a surprise guest, so fans can only speculate for now. But James is based out of Australia, which may give viewers a hint.

This marathon stream is a fun and unexpected stunt, but certainly a welcome one. The Sims is trying to renew interest by focusing on the freedom to be anyone you wish, and while that may sound too broad, it can mean a lot for gamers still trying to figure themselves out.

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