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The Visitor Location Fortnite Chapter 3 – NPC #1

Find out exactly where you need to go to find The Visitor NPC in Fortnite Chapter 3!
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The new Fortnite Chapter 3 is upon us, and it brings in a variety of new locations all over the map to explore and NPCs to find. You might not always find an NPC in a certain location, so finding them can be difficult at times. Finding where they are located is important, because they can fill out your Character collection and are useful for challenges. If you’re looking for The Visitor aka NPC #1 this season, we’ll show you exactly where-to find them with this easy to follow guide.

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The Visitor Location

To find The Visitor in Fortnite Chapter 3, you will need to head to the eastern side of the map and over to the island chain. Locate the largest island in the region and land in the middle to find The Visitor.

The largest island of the eastern island chain is known as The Launchpad. The Visitor will sometimes spawn right in the center of the island inside of the building in the middle of the various launchpads. The Visitor is a pretty well-known NPC due to being part of The Seven, and being the hidden skin all the way back in Chapter 1, Season 4.

Map to the location of The Visitor in Fortnite

The Visitor has the Ranger Assault Rifle, the ability to hire them as a friendly NPC to follow you around, and you can spawn a Rift when you talk to them. Each of these will cost you some bars, so make sure you are positive you want to make the purchase.

Here’s the description of The Visitor from in the game:

An explorer and navigational expert, here to help chart the best course of action for the Seven. These days he’s more of the strong, silent type…

That’s everything you need to know about locating The Visitor in Fortnite Chapter 3! You can find more coverage of the game in the Fortnite section of our website.

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