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BitLife WAP Challenge Guide

We're taking a detailed look at how to complete BitLife WAP Challenge in this guide! Attempt to find your inner Cardi B to maximize your chances of finishing this one.
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It’s time for another BitLife challenge, and you will be completing a multitude of tasks through a new character’s life. In this one you will be living in New York, becoming a stripper and famous rapper, having some platinum singles, and bathing cats! These aren’t too difficult to accomplish, but due to the random nature of your career, it might be a bit more frustrating than usual.

To finish the WAP BitLife challenge, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Be born female in New York
  • Become a stripper
  • Become a famous rapper
  • Have 2+ Double Platinum Singles
  • Bathe 5+ Cats

The first part of the challenge is pretty easy, just create your character as a female and make sure they are born in New York. If you have God Mode, you should select your special talent as Music and bump up all of your statistics to 100%!

As you grow up your character, head to the Activities > Mind & Body and scroll to the bottom and look for Voice. Start taking Voice lessons at age 8, which is the first time you can do them. Unfortunately, you might be blocked by your parents, and there’s not a lot you can do about it. By the time you get out of High School, your Voice skill bar should nearly maxed out.

If you got blocked, you can close out of the app and try again, or you can just wait until after High School. You’ll need a job because they’ll cost you 500 bucks a pop!

Once you’ve graduated High School, just hit the Occupation tab and go to Jobs. Look for the Exotic Dancer option and select it if it is available. If not, you can close out of the app to refresh the careers, or just age up for new ones. You only need to be a stripper for a year, so don’t linger too long in this job. This can be a bit hard to find, but keep trying and you’ll eventually get it.

Now that you’ve got your stripping done, you should head to the Job > Special Careers menu. Choose Musician, Solo Artist, and then pick Singer as your career type. The record label doesn’t matter. Hopefully, if you have high enough singing skill, you will get an audition. If the audition goes well, then you should be able to sign a contract. If not, close out of the application and try again. How your audition goes is random, so you might just get unlucky.

You need to make sure that the contract you sign makes you a rapper! There’s different types of artists: pop, country, and others. If you aren’t a rapper, then you won’t be able to create rap albums or singles.

To become a famous rapper, you’ll just need to do concerts and produce music. Do TV shows, magazines, and post on your social media to boost your fame. This is a pretty easy aspect of the challenge, it shouldn’t take very long.

Now, to get the double platinum singles, you will need to head to the Jobs > Singer menu and make a new Single. You can only make one a year, so if you want to speed things up, make your single and close out of the app if it isn’t platinum. This might take a while, because it’s pretty hard to make a platinum single, and you’ll make a whole lot of gold records instead. Keep trying until you get one, and then move up a year to repeat the process.

All you really need to do to bathe cats is to adopt five different cats. Once you have them as your pet, just tap on the Relationships menu and tap on the cat. Choose the bathe option and do it once per cat. Don’t release the cat into the wild if you haven’t gotten five cats, because you won’t be able to adopt another one from the Animal Shelter. It will cause you to fail the interview!

That’s everything you need to know about completing the BitLife WAP Challenge! Hopefully, you were able to become a rapper in record time and not get the wrong career paths.

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