There Are Some Reasons GTA 6 Won’t Get PC Version at Launch

It's unclear why GTA 6 won't have a PC version at launch because we're waiting on Rockstar to give us one, but I've got some possible reasons.
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PC gamers were snubbed during the Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTAVI GTA 6) trailer, but this continues to happen to them. The trailer has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a console-exclusive title at launch, excluding PC players for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This news, while disappointing, isn’t exactly shocking.

Rockstar has a history of delaying PC releases for its flagship GTA titles, often leaving players waiting for months or years to experience the latest criminal escapades on their rigs. However, it seems like there’s no big reason why the delay should even happen. At this point, PCs almost always receive games at the same time as other consoles, if not sooner.

Yet Rockstar always delays their release to give a graphically and usually better version. It’s safe to say that most gamers would want the game in hand rather than a graphical update much later.

You’ve got the argument that they need to work extra hard on GTA 6 because of piracy concerns. While boasting a thriving community, PC gaming also grapples with rampant piracy. Rockstar likely wants to maximize sales during the initial launch window, and releasing on PC simultaneously would open the floodgates for unauthorized copies. By delaying the PC release, they can mitigate these losses.

However, the marketing potential may be a bigger reason. By releasing the game first on consoles, Rockstar can cultivate hype and anticipation among PC players, who will then be eagerly awaiting the eventual PC port. This can lead to a second wave of sales once the title finally hits their platform. Of course, this strategy comes at a cost. PC gamers feel neglected and frustrated, their excitement dampened by the knowledge they’ll be left behind.

There’s also that argument that it’s easier to work on consoles than on PC. The issue with PC is that everyone has their own rig, so you have to make the game that plays to the average rig or what you think will be when your game releases. Hardware for consoles doesn’t change, and if they will, developers know about it in advance. Even still, it’s not like releasing a game for all the platforms has never been done before.

We can come up with plenty of reasons for a strategic delay. By focusing on a smaller pool of hardware (consoles), they can dedicate resources to optimizing performance and minimizing bugs. In that way, Rockstar prioritizes a smooth launch experience. A buggy GTA launch would be a PR nightmare, especially on PC. This would be something Rockstar is clearly keen to avoid.

That still doesn’t mean our reasons are true because we’re just guessing. Rockstar Games should be giving the reasoning themselves. A PC port is coming, but it doesn’t feel like there’s a good reason for PC players to wait for their version of the game. Hopefully, this time, Rockstar will give a good reason.

Jorge A. Aguilar

Jorge A. Aguilar

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