Tinykin’s new demo contains new content and save compatibility with the full game

Explore an enormous world and solve puzzles to uncover Earth’s greatest mystery in Tinykin, launching on August 30 with a new demo available now!
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Tinykin is an innovative single-player 3D puzzle platformer where you play as an intergalactic astronaut. From Splashteam and tinybuild, Tinykin is launching on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on August 30, 2022. However, a new demo for the game is available now, and the save will be compatible will the full game upon release. 

The official trailer for the game showcases general gameplay content, such as puzzles, jumping, and movement mechanics. At the same time, Milo narrates the course of his day.

In this game, players will play as Milo, an astronaut. He finally returns to Earth, only to discover something has gone very wrong. Milo discovers he has become a tiny figure in his house that hasn’t changed since 1991. You are to explore Milo’s house’s massive environments, with each room filled with strange cultures and problems to solve. 

Inside his house, you will meet and team up with the tinykin, who use their power to create ladders, bridges, and explosions. With their abilities, you are to make your way through Milo’s home and solve Earth’s greatest mystery.

Some of the key features of this game include:

  • Explore the cities inside Milo’s house built by ants, beetles, and other insects.
  • Meet characters and learn their stories and history.
  • Catch over 100 tinykin in each city. Each has unique abilities to help you climb higher and solve the city’s problems.  
  • Use Milo’s soap-board to skate around the house.
  • Collect upgrades to improve Milo’s bubble pack, build a museum, and finish Ridmi’s mystery machine.

Besides the new demo, new content has also been added. The team behind Tinykin has announced new features in the game in a Steam news post, and these include:

  • Pollen: Soap cubes will no longer be in the game while you can collect pollens.
  • A new bubble from Sikaru. This can be obtained from him by gathering pollen.  
  • A new title screen with an animated logo. 

Explore an enormous world and solve puzzles to uncover Earth’s greatest mystery in Tinykin, launching on August 30. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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