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Tower of Fantasy Version 2.3: New map, story, and rewards

Version 2.3 of Tower of Fantasy is available, bringing a new map, story, instance, Simulacrum, and limited-time events and rewards!
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Version 2.3 of Tower of Fantasy is officially available, bringing exciting new events and rewards. In this version, players can experience a new map, story, Simulacrum, Instance, and limited-time events. Some rewards that can be earned include red nucleus’, SSR weapon box, and dark crystals.

Details of the event were obtained from Tower of Fantasy’s official Steam post. We’ve included everything you need to know about the event and rewards below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.3

New Map, New Story

New Miasmic Swamp

A new map, Miasmic Swamp, becomes available. Vera’s ecosystem is taken to a new level by the map’s unique landform filled with rock pillars and rainforest vegetation found in the Miasmic area. There are also rich and diverse exploration and puzzle-solving mechanisms to create a new adventure.

Puzzle Solving

You can now interact with fascinating puzzle-solving objects to enhance your gaming experience. Wanderers can now interact with Colorful Mushrooms, available in several colors throughout the rainforest. 

Try to interact with them to solve the puzzle! There are unique triggers scattered on the ground. Activate their core and obtain rewards by stepping on the baseplate correctly. Trigger conditions vary for different colors.

The Secrets of the Mist

Secrets hide in a mysterious swamp that is shrouded by heavy mist. The swamp mist came from Titan Konjac, releasing poison gas to prevent travelers from getting close to it. But to the surrounding area of Titan Konjac, you can find an item called Revelation Seed, which is the starting point of purifying the mist. 

To obtain the Revelation Seed easily, Wanderers need to activate the Purification System first to neutralize the poisons of Titan Konjac temporarily. After gathering the Revelation Seed, Wanderers can activate “Brood” to summon creatures and defeat them to obtain Germinated Revelation Seed. By then, it can shut down Titan Konjac and purify the poison mist in the forest.

Purification System

The Purification System is a machine that houses Revelation Seeds. Once activated, it sprays an atomized mist of diluted Revelation Tree Sap in every direction, which neutralizes the poison of Titan Konjac within the effective duration. Make sure you activate it before stepping into the mist!

Revelation Seed

Revelation Seeds grow within the poison gas of Titan Konjac. Wanderers need to gather them to trigger the creature inside the Brood.


Found in the swamp, it’s a unique, egg-like structure that can be activated by using revelation seeds and different kinds of elemental ores. With the right combination of catalysts, powerful creatures can be hatched from these structures.

Germinated Revelation Seed

After defeating the elite enemies, Wanderers can obtain the Germinated Revelation Seed to shut down Titan Konjac.

Ch.9 Main Story Available

Travel through the swamp in the new story mission and explore the secrets hidden within the miasma!

New Simulacrum: Alyss

  • Elegant dancer on the ice—The new Simulacrum Alyss is available soon!
  • The limited frost weapon, Unyielding Wing and Alyss Matrix are open.

Alyss Simulacrum Mission

Alyss used to be the light in Mirroria. Her wings become young and immature. She is also a “recruit” of Mirroria Security Force who suffers from unexplainable headaches. You must accept Alyss’s Simulacrum Mission on the Simulacra page to experience Alyss’s story.

New Instance

New Team Instance: Origin of War

The Origin of War is a new tower mode that requires a team of 4. There are 25 levels, each with its own stage affix.

First season period: 2023/2/2 5:00 ~ 2023/4/1 23:59 (Server Time) 

Wanderers need to depend on each other’s wisdom and strength to challenge the enemies on each level, setting up different plans based on the stage affix to tackle each level. After clearing each level, a certain amount of rewards can be obtained, and there is a chance of getting buffs to help out the Wanderers in the following stage.

New Joint Operation Instance: Carnival Party

Engage in battles with The Noise Band and finish the thrilling rhythm challenge. Defeat the musicians at the end to be rewarded with chests and golden-quality equipment.

 New Joint Operation Instance: Pursuit of Fate

A gameplay that combines battles and driving together. It got the best of both worlds; engage in thrilling battles while experiencing the fun of driving! Activate the mechanism and defeat the final boss to receive golden-quality equipment.

Bygone Phantasm: Boundless Realm

Reach Bygone Phantasm floor 500 to unlock the newly-released high-difficulty levels. Challenge the bosses to rise higher and earn golden-quality equipment and items.

Other New Content:

  • New equipment slot: Exoskeleton
  • Increased the level cap gradually to Lv. 90

New limited-time events

New limited-time events are here! Let’s celebrate the Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary altogether!

 Passion for Chocolate

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/2(after maintenance) – 2023/2/17 21:00

Collect ingredients and make chocolates as gifts for characters to obtain ardor. Accumulate the amount of ardor to claim red nuclei, gold nuclei, titles, avatar frames, and other rewards.

Each character has a different preference; make sure you pick their favorite chocolate!

Key rewards:

  • 4 x Red Nucleus
  • 2 x Gold Nucleus
  • And more!

Half-Anniversary Party

Frost and Flame
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/9–2023/3/8

Frost and Flame is a multi-player battle where the same number of enemies will be spawned on both the Flame and Frost sides, attacking your Core Crystal.

Wanderers split up into two teams, flame, and frost, to defeat the enemies coming through the portal and to protect their Core Crystal from being destroyed.

Wanderers can obtain buffs by defeating enemies, but make sure you pick up the one that fits the stat of your team. You can ask for help from your teammate if you get knocked down! 

Fruit Barrage
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/16–2023/3/8

Wanderers on the wooden bridge need to dodge the fruits by jumping and crouching. Watermelons can be avoided by crouching, and pineapples can be dodged by jumping.

 You will be knocked back upon getting hit. You will end up in the water if you are struck three times. The travel speed of the fruits becomes faster and faster, and the Wanderer who survives the longest time will be the winner.

 Pay attention to the timing of crouching and jumping. Acting too early or too late will result in getting hit.

Heavy Punch
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/23–2023/3/8

Heavyweight Boxing consists of the Hider faction and Controller faction. Wanderers will be randomly assigned to one of the factions and receive a random appearance. One of the participating Wanderers controls Sweetie and its punching to initiate attacks. There are multiple Hiders who need to keep moving around quickly. Pay attention to the tips from the surrounding light bars and dodge the attacks by moving around.

Participate to receive:

  • Party Token

 Key rewards:

  • 10 x Red Nucleus
  • Border
  • Vehicle
  • And more!

Rewards

 Half-Anniversary Gift I
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/2 (after maintenance)–2023/3/1

Participate in 7-Day Sign-In to obtain red nucleus ×10.

Half-Anniversary Gift II
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/9–2023/3/8

Participate in 7-Day Sign-In to obtain dark crystal ×600 and SSR weapon box ×1.

Half-Anniversary Review

Best Adventure Partner
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/3–2023/2/17

Support sticks and rewards can be obtained by completing activity missions or inviting friends. Use the support sticks to cast your vote for your favorite character during the event.

Once the event is over, a new simulacrum skin will be designed for the most popular character and given out for free!

Half-Anniversary Time Capsule
  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/9–2023/3/8

Once the event has started, your data review will be available from the event. Share it to claim the Half-Anniversary Commemorative Title.

1st Purchase 2× Rebate Reset

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/2/2 (after maintenance)

After this update, the 100% dark crystal bonus from your initial purchase of tanium will be reset!

In other words, extra dark crystal rebates will equal the quantity of the purchased tanium in each tier after the event has started. The rebate mentioned above is available one time for each tanium purchase tier. The unused “1st purchase 2× rebate” attempt from the past will not be carried over after the event has started. We suggest you consume it as soon as possible before the server goes into maintenance.

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