Underworld Realm Monster Drops & Drop Rate

Want to know what each monster and boss drops in Underworld Realm? We've got you covered!
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There’s plenty of creatures to fight in Underworld Realm, and each one has the chance to drop unique items, ranging from armor to spells. In this guide, I’ll share my experiences with a breakdown of the monster drops and their rates in Underworld Realm.

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Monster Item Drop and Item Drop Rates in Underworld Realm

If you’ve ever spent hours in the Ruins Corridor like I have, trying to farm for that perfect spell or armor, you know the thrill of finally seeing that coveted item drop. The assortment of drops can be quite extensive, but fret not! We’ve got you covered with a handy list of the monster item drops in Underworld Reqalms.

Underworld Realm Normal Monster Drops

Froggit Monster Drop

  • Location: Ruins Corridor – Level 0+
  • Encounter Rate: 50%
  • Rewards: 72 EXP and 7 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell : Bugs Infestation
      • Drop chance: 20%
      • Description: Creates a heavy cloud containing hundreds of flies that will lunge at your enemies.

Whimsun Monster Drops

  • Location: Ruins Corridor[Level 0+]
  • Encounter Rate: 49%
  • Rewards: 68 EXP and 5 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Armor: Bug Wings Armor
      • Drop chance: 20%
      • Description: Summons butterflies that upon touching your enemy will drain their stamina and regen your own stamina
    • Spell: Energy Pollination
      • Drop Chance: 5%
      • Description: 5 Stamina and Spawns more butterflies on the Energy Pollination spell.

Moldsmal Monster Drops

  • Location: Ruins Corridor[Level 10+]
  • Encounter Rate: 25%
  • Rewards: 132 EXP and 12 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell: Slime Ball
      • Drop Chance 20%
      • Description: Throws a slime ball that upon touching it, stuns your enemies. Very sticky

Vegetoid Monster Drop

  • Location: Ruins Corridor[Level 10+]
  • Encounter Rate: 25%
  • Rewards: 129 EXP and 10 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell: Healthy Vegetables
      • Drop chance: 25%
      • Description: Plants carrots around you that upon being touched will heal yourself and your allies
    • Armor: Leaf Head Armor
      • Drop chance: 5%
      • Description: +5 HP and Healthy Vegetables spell will heal you for twice the amount of HP than it usually does.

Migosp Monster Drops

  • Location: Ruins Corridor[Level 10+]
  • Encounter Rate: 30%
  • Rewards: 104 EXP and 9 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell: Bug Dance
      • Drop Chance: 25%
      • Description: You do a silly dance that regens your allies’ stamina upon being inside the range.

Loox Monster Drops

  • Location: Ruins Corridor[Level 10+]
  • Encounter Rate: 20%
  • Rewards: 167 EXP and 15 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell: Eye Shockwave
      • Drop Chance: 8%
      • Description: Shoots a laser beam from your eyes damaging your enemies.

Underworld Realm Boss Monster Drops

Napstablook Boss Monster Drop

  • Location: Napstablook’s Room
  • Encounter Rate: Boss
  • Rewards: 255 EXP and 18 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell: Haunted Tears
      • Drop Chance: 15%
      • Description: Creates a line of tear drops that damage your enemies.
    • Armor: Haunted Hat Armor
      • Drop chance: 4%
      • Description: +10 Stamina and 5% Dodge chanceI
    • Item: Soul Gem
      • Drop chance: 1%
      • Description: Used to level up your Soul, or to buy stuff from Flowey’s Shop.

Toriel Boss Monster Drop

  • Location: Toriel’s Room
  • Encounter Rate: Boss
  • Rewards: 675 EXP and 56 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Spell: Magic Fire
      • Drop Chance: 13%
      • Description: Shoot 2 fireballs in two different directions as well as firing a beam in front of you that afflicts burn damage.
    • Item: Ruins Book
      • Drop Chance: 5%
      • Description: This is your bestiary, it will show the information of all monsters that live in the Ruins.
    • Item: Soul Gem
      • Drop chance: 2%
      • Description: Used to level up your Soul, or to buy stuff from Flowey’s Shop.

Underworld Realm Special Monster Drops

Flowey The Flower Drops

  • Location: Ruins Corridor (Level 0+)
  • Encounter Rate: 1%
  • Rewards: 680 EXP and 59 Gold
  • Drops:
    • Item: Box Keys
      • Drop Chance: 45%
    • Item: Soul Book
      • Drop chance: 15%
      • Description: This book contains information about all of the Souls.
    • Item: Soul Gem
      • Drop chance: 15%
      • Description: Used to level up your Soul, or to buy stuff from Flowey’s Shop.
    • Spell: Your Best Friend
      • Drop chance: 25%
      • Description: Summons your “best friend” Flowey who’ll attack enemies and heal you.
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