Unturned Console Commands (April 2024)

Here's a lot of all console commands found in Unturned. Use them to get the user experience you desire!
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I’ve spent countless hours engrossed in the world of Unturned, a post-apocalyptic survival game developed by the incredibly talented Nelson Sexton, the sole developer, owner, and founder of Smartly Dressed Games. Through my personal experiences, Unturned is basically a mix of DayZ’s survival gameplay with the looks of Roblox, resulting in a quite unique gaming experience. Set on Prince Edward Island (PEI), players are faced with the challenge of surviving alone or teaming up on servers to tackle hordes of zombies. While it’s quite an adventure to navigate the island, the cities, teeming with zombies, safeguard the most valuable loot.

All Console Commands in Unturned

While Unturned offers stressful experiences, it’s the console commands that can truly customize your gameplay. But there’s a catch: many of these commands require cheats to be activated. Not to worry, though. Based on my extensive gameplay and the numerous times I’ve had to fiddle with these settings, I’ll guide you on how to enable these cheats in both single-player and multiplayer scenarios.

But remember, it’s essential to know that if you’re on a multiplayer server and you’re not the host, you won’t have the power to alter these settings. It’s all in the hands of the server host.

Console Commands

NameCommandWhat Happens
Admin/admin [Steam ID | Player]This command grants administrator status to a user, providing permission for admin-only and server commands in chat.
Admins/adminsWhen executed, this command displays the names of all users with administrator status on the server.
Airdrop/airdropUse this command to trigger an airdrop at your current location on the server.
Animal/animal [Steam ID | Player] [Animal ID]To populate the Unturned server with animals such as deer, moose, wolf, pig, bear, cow, and reindeer, this command must be used with enabled cheats.
Armor/armor [Barricade Multiplier] [Structure Multiplier]Modify the barricade and structure damage multiplier with this command. Decimal percentages, like 0.5 for a 50% multiplier, are accepted.
Ban/ban [Steam ID | Player] [Reason] [Duration]Remove a user or Steam ID from the server, preventing reconnection for the specified duration, using this command.
Bans/bansObtain a list of all banned users on an Unturned server through this command.
Bind/bind [IP Address]Exclusively available in the commands.dat file, this command binds the server to a specific IP address/socket.
Camera/camera [Perspective]Change the camera perspective for all users on the server using this command. Available perspectives include first, third, both (user choice), and vehicle, while being confined to commands.dat.
Chatrate/chatrate [Delay]Adjust the rate at which players can send chat messages on an Unturned server using this command.
Cheats/cheatsToggle the availability of cheat commands on the server using this command. Note that it must be written in the commands.dat file, not in-game.
Cycle/cycle [Duration]Set the day and night cycle duration on the Unturned server with this command. For example, a duration of 10 means each day and night would last 10 seconds.
Day/dayUse this command to set the current server/game time to day.
Debug/debugOutput server debug information, including network details, active animals, zombies, and server TPS, using this command, which is beneficial for resolving lag.
Decay/decay [Decay Time]Modify the barrier and structure decay settings of the server using this command. Setting it to zero disables decay.
Experience/experience [Steam ID | Player] [Experience Amount]Enhance a player’s experience in Unturned by granting them experience points using this command. Enabled cheats are a prerequisite.
Filter/filterEmploy this command to eliminate alphanumeric characters from player names, restricting them to commands.dat.
Flag/flag [Steam ID | Player] [Flag] [Value]Utilize this command with enabled cheats to set and alter a player’s flags as needed.
Gamemode/gamemode [Mode Class Name]This command, exclusive to commands.dat, changes the gamemode of the server to suit your preferences.
Give/give [Steam ID | Player] [Item ID] [Amount]Bestowed with enabled cheats, this command empowers you to furnish yourself or other players with items within an Unturned server.
Gold/goldActivate this command, available exclusively in commands.dat, to allow only Gold members to connect to the server. Execution toggles the feature’s status.
Help/help [Command Name]For comprehensive details about an Unturned command, access a message containing help and information by triggering this command.
Hide_Admins/hide_adminsConceal the admin status of admin players to prevent regular players from discerning their administrative roles, possible only through commands.dat.
Kick/kick [Steam ID | Player] [Reason]Remove a player from the Unturned server, providing a specified kick message as the reason.
Kill/kill [Steam ID | Player]Inflict player termination in Unturned by executing this command, setting the player’s health to 0.
Loadout/loadout [Skillset ID] [Item IDs]Configure the loadout of players, including those with specific skillsets, by utilizing this command to assign the items they spawn with.
Log/log [Chat] [Join / Leave] [Death] [Anticheat]Determine server log options by adjusting this command, dictating the actions/events that are printed or saved to the server log. Example: /log Y/Y/N/Y
Map/map [Level Name]Within commands.dat, enact this command to alter the map loaded when the server starts up.
MaxPlayers/maxplayers [Maximum Players]With this command, set the maximum number of players permitted to be connected to the server, also referred to as server slots.
Mode/mode [Difficulty Mode]In commands.dat, switch the server’s difficulty mode between easy, normal, or hard to match your preference.
Mode/mode [Difficulty Mode]Change the server’s difficulty mode to easy, normal, or hard using this command.
Modules/modulesTo view the currently loaded modules, execute this command.
Name/name [Server Name]Customize the name displayed in server lists, also known as MOTD, through this command.
Night/nightAdjust the server time to night using this command.
Owner/owner [Steam ID]Shift the server time to night, specifically available in commands.dat.
Password/password [Password]Set and manage the server password, which players must enter to connect, by using this command within commands.dat.
Permit/permit [Steam ID]Permit specific player names or Steam IDs to join a whitelist-enabled server with this command.
Permits/permitsGain insights into players currently on the whitelist, indicating those allowed to connect in whitelist mode, through this command.
Players/playersAccess a list of players currently connected to the Unturned server by issuing this command.
Port/port [Port]Assign a specific port for the server to operate on, solely available in commands.dat.
PvE/pveActivate PvE combat on the server through this command, confined to commands.dat.
Quest/quest [Steam ID] [Quest]Enable a player to embark on a specified quest by executing this command with enabled cheats.
Queue/queue [Queue Max]Set the maximum number of players allowed to join the server queue at any given time using this command.
Rain/rain [Minimum Frequency] [Maximum Frequency] [Minimum Time] [Maximum Time]Establish the maximum count of players permitted to queue for server entry with this command.
Reputation/reputation [Steam ID] [Reputation Amount]Enhance a player’s reputation on the server by invoking this command with enabled cheats.
ResetConfig/resetconfigReset the server configuration to default settings, undoing any modifications made, through this command.
Save/saveSecure the current server state by forcefully saving it, safeguarding progress beyond the command execution point.
Say/say [Message] [R] [G] [B]Disseminate a message to all currently connected players on an Unturned server with this command.
Shutdown/shutdown [Delay]Terminate the server’s operation, disconnecting all players and preserving the current map, using this command.
Slay/slay [Steam ID] [Reason]Execute this command to ban a player from the server, resulting in their permanent removal and termination.
Spy/spy [Steam ID]Capture a screenshot of the specified player’s gameplay and save it as Spy.jpg on the user’s computer who initiated the command.
Sync/syncEnable players to share savedata between servers with this command, available solely in commands.dat.
Teleport/teleport [Steam ID] [Steam ID]Teleport yourself to another player or, if two Steam IDs are provided, relocate the first player to the location of the second using this command.
Time/time [Seconds]Adjust the time of day or night in Unturned by employing this command. The provided number denotes seconds in the day/night cycle.
Timeout/timeout [Max Ping]Automatically remove players with high latency (lag) from the server by triggering this command.
Unadmin/unadmin [Steam ID | Player]Within commands.dat, demote another player from their administrator status on an Unturned server.
Unban/unban [Steam ID]Revoke a previously imposed ban on a player within Unturned using this command.
Unpermit/unpermit [Steam ID]Remove a player from the server whitelist with this command.
Vehicle/vehicle [Steam ID] [Vehicle ID]Utilize this command to spawn vehicles, including cars, boats, planes, and helicopters, for yourself or other players with enabled cheats.
Votify/votify [Vote Allowed Y/N] [Pass Cooldown] [Fail Cooldown] [Vote Duration] [Yes Percentage] [Minimum Players]Trigger this command to grant vehicles, such as cars, boats, planes, and helicopters, to yourself or others on an Unturned server.
Weather/weather [None | Storm | Blizzard]Alter the weather on the Unturned server, including stopping rain and snow, using this command.
Welcome/welcome [Welcome Message] [R] [G] [B]Customize the welcome message displayed to players when they join the Unturned server. This message is visible in chat, not on server lists.
Whitelisted/whitelistedEnable the whitelist on the Unturned server, permitting only those on the whitelist to connect while restricting others. This command is confined to commands.dat.

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How to Enable Cheats in Unturned

The journey to unleashing the full potential of Unturned lies in console commands and cheats. The process slightly differs depending on your mode of play: single-player or server. Having spent countless hours navigating the realms of this game, I’ve got the know-how to walk you through each step.

Single Player

When diving into the single-player world of Unturned, enabling cheats is pretty straightforward:

  1. Launch the Single Player mode.
  2. Navigate to Advanced.
  3. Locate and check the Allow Cheatcodes option.
  4. Proceed to Play Offline.

It’s as simple as that. Once enabled, you’ll have access to an array of console commands to customize your gameplay experience.

Unturned Server

If you’re delving into the Unturned multiplayer environment, the power to enable cheats primarily rests with the server host. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Locate and open the Commands.dat file within the Unturned directory.
  2. Add the word cheats on a fresh line.
  3. Save the modifications to the file.

For ease, you can find the Commands.dat file in this directory:

Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Servers folder

Remember, always approach cheats with caution, especially in multiplayer settings. It’s essential to maintain the game’s integrity and ensure a fair play environment for all.

Mark Carpenter

Mark Carpenter

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Mark's future goals are to grow the Try Hard Guides network as much as possible while helping gamers everywhere with gaming guide content. When not immersed in gaming, Mark enjoys delving into the worlds of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), strumming his guitar, and indulging in a good read. His heart belongs to RPGs, the Final Fantasy series, and The Legend of Zelda. Moreover, he has a keen affection for dogs.

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