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VALORANT patch 5.07 remodels Fracture and balances flashes

Valorant patch 5.07 gives several QoL changes to Fracture and adjustments to flash ability.
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Valorant patch 5.07 has some exciting adjustments to bring, most notably to the Fracture map and the flash ability of some Agents.

Riot Games’ development team for Valorant is continuously evaluating current gameplay elements such as map design and character abilities. Through this, the team will be able to determine the necessary adjustments to make the game more balanced.

Recently, Riot has posted the Valorant 5.07 patch notes, which include modifications to the Fracture map’s quality of life and agents with the flash ability. Valorant’s designer, Dan “penguin” Hardison, indicated that the team sought to refine Agents’ roles, especially for those with flash abilities, such as Reyna, Yoru, Skye, and KAY/O. The purpose of these improvements to the flash ability is to rebalance the game, since it was seen in earlier versions that initiators were outperforming certain Duelists by generating kills with their flashes. In addition, the agent upgrade aims to improve the overall team play of Initiators Skye and KAY/O.

The changes made to Reyna, Yoru, Skye, and KAY/O in Valorant patch 5.07 are detailed below, courtesy of Valorant’s official website:


  • LEER (C)
    • Wind-up of nearsight effect decreased .6s >>> .4s
    • Range Restriction on Leer removed
    • Nearsight unequip delay decreased: .7 >>> .5
    • Duration decreased 2.6s >>> 2.0s


  • BLINDSIDE (Q) duration increased 1.5s >>>1.75s
  • Flash Visual Updates
    • 3P visuals for flashed enemies and allies now render behind the player’s head the moment that the flash starts to fade. This should give a clearer indication if players are fully flashed or if the flash has started to fade.
    • 1P visuals when fully flashed now shrink over time to give a better indication of when the full flash will end and the flash fading out will begin.
    • Increased the window for awarding assists on flashes, nearsights, and concusses from 1 >>> 3 seconds after the debuff starts to fade.


  • GUIDING LIGHT (E) flashbang scaling paradigm changed
    • The max flash duration of Skye’s Guiding Light now scales from 1s to 2.25s over a .75s charge up after being cast
    • Guiding Light can no longer be shot and destroyed
    • New VFX, UI, and sounds were added to communicate new gameplay intent
    • Unequip Delay out of Guiding Light increased .75s >>> .85s


    • Underhand (right-click) flashbang max duration decreased 2s>>>1.25s
    • Overhand (left-click) flashbang max duration increased 2s>>>2.25s
    • Unequip Delay out of both flashes increased .6s >>> .85s

Meanwhile, the remodeled Fracture map features the following changes:

  • Arcade – Opened a cubby here to make it easier for Attacking side to hold against Defender aggression from both directions.
  • B Site – “Jump” up has been changed to a ramp directly onto the site platform, which should make moving around that space more straightforward.
  • B Generator – Space here tightened slightly to make smoking this spot easier. A small corner has also been removed to simplify attempts to re-clear the site.
  • Defender Spawn – Removed a small cubby to slightly simplify those retakes.
  • A Halls – Improved movement and simplified the space in A Halls by removing a corner.
  • A Site – A minor simplification of the space as part of the overall changes to the surrounding areas.
  • A Dish – The dish is intact but removed the far path to make moving through this space more direct for both sides. We found trying to watch/control these spaces simultaneously was unnecessarily difficult for all. The team hopes the changes here and on A Drop will encourage everyone to use this route more often.
  • A Drop – The drop down is no longer a 50/50 check when entering, which should make it a little more appealing as a way for Attackers to squeeze A site from two sides.
  • A Rope – This path has been a little too easy for Attackers to control with a single smoke. The adjustments should give Defenders more options for both the initial hold and retaking A. 

The Valorant development team will continue to conduct tests to determine several potential adjustments in the future. As usual, North America players may have access to testings through the Public Beta Environment.

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