Valve Bans Dota 2 Smurfs and Boosted Accounts with Unexpected ‘Christmas Gift’

Valve combats smurf and boosted accounts in Dota 2 with a funny twist, sending them a surprise 'Christmas Gift' that permanently bans them after opening.
Dota 2 Frostivus Update 2023
Image: Valve

In the realm of multiplayer online battle arena games, such as Valve’s popular Dota 2, the persistent issue of smurf and boosted accounts has long plagued the gaming experience. These accounts not only disrupt fair matchmaking, hampering the progress of new players but also contribute to a toxic gaming environment. In an effort to address this ongoing concern, Valve has been taking assertive action to permanently remove smurf accounts from Dota 2. This time, however, the developer seems to be injecting a dose of humor to this process that fits in with the holiday season.

Over the past few months, Valve has intensified its policies against smurf and boosted accounts in Dota 2. In September, the developer permanently banned 90,000 smurf accounts that have been active in recent months. Valve even successfully traced each of these smurf accounts back to its main account.

Today marks the rollout of Dota 2‘s highly anticipated The Frostivus 2023 Update. This update not only introduces the return of Frostivus cosmetics, numerous quality-of-life client features, new Dota Plus premium sets, and gameplay patch 7.35 but also includes a surprise Christmas gift for naughty smurf accounts.

As revealed on 4chan, a Dota 2 content creator with a smurf account received a mysterious Frostivus Gift. Upon opening the gift, the content creator was greeted with a ‘Highly Toxic Lump of Coal’ as a Seasonal Reward. The gift’s description humorously conveyed that the recipient’s Dota account had been permanently banned due to smurfing or other violations of the Steam Terms of Service. After accepting the gift, the content creator attempted to queue for a game but found himself unable to participate in matchmaking.

It is great to see Valve bring some sense of humor to the process of banning smurf accounts, as they have demonstrated their aggressive approach in this regard. Players who’ve been caught up by smurf accounts can at least find some satisfaction in the situation, more than just getting back at the culprits.

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Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah is a gaming niche writer and an Electronics Engineering graduate at the Technological University of the Philippines. She plays a lot of RPGs and FPS games. She also enjoys watching movies and anime.


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