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War Thunder’s new Winter Event offers the USS Newport News (CA-148) 

War Thunder players will have a chance to get the USS Newport News (CA-148) in this year's Winter event!
War Thunder 2022 Winter Event Will Offer Uss Newport News Image
Image: War Thunder

The MMO military game, War Thunder, has some exciting prizes to offer for this season’s Winter event. War Thunder players enjoyed an abundance of rewards, new vehicles, decals, and more during last year’s Winter event. This year, the USS Newport News, a Des Moines-class heavy cruiser, will be one of the top prizes for this season’s Winter event in War Thunder. The USS Newport News (CA-148) is equipped with the following features:

  • Auto-loaded 8’’ cannons
  • Excellent dual-purpose arsenal
  • Large crew
  • Extensive protection

USS Newport News is a cutting-edge heavy cruiser that represents the pinnacle of American heavy cruiser design, incorporating the most advanced technologies available to shipbuilders of the time. Derived from the Baltimore-class, already familiar to some captains, USS Newport News’ most prominent feature includes the fitting of a novel autoloading mechanism for its 8’’ (203mm) Mk.16 primary battery. As a result, USS Newport News possesses a rate of fire more akin to 6’’-armed light cruisers and can thus engage its targets with an unrelenting hail of shells. Alternatively, captains can also more easily engage multiple targets at once since the fast reload enables quick adjustments in between salvos.

The USS Newport News is equipped with a powerful array of auxiliary weapons in addition to its core, lethal weaponry. It is a veritable floating fortress that is equipped with a number of 5’’and 3’’ cannons, posing a considerable threat to smaller surface vessels and aircraft in particular. The ship is equipped with a belt of armor measuring up to 152 millimeters thick and has a peak speed of 33 knots, which together provide for a superb combination of protection and mobility. This is in addition to the ship’s already impressive weapons (61 kmh).

Overall, the USS Newport News is an outstanding addition to the high-tier naval lineup of any seasoned captain, and it is a reward that is deserving of those who give their all for this year’s Winter event in War Thunder. You can read more about the USS Newport News winter event reward on the War Thunder Steam page.

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