What are Striking Locales in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Find a Striking Locale during The Elder Scrolls Online Daedric War event.
Elder Scrolls Online Vvardenfell
Striking Locales are found all over Vvardenfell.

The Elder Scrolls Online contains countless points of interest like Striking Locales and keeping track of all the names can get complicated. Striking Locales have been a part of ESO for a long time, but the latest Daedric Wars event has tasked players with looking for them once again. This guide will quickly remind you where to look for locales if you’ve forgotten what they are.

Finding the Striking Locales in ESO

Striking Locales in The Elder Scrolls Online can be found within every zone in the game and they typically have a Pathfinder Achievement associated with them. These points of interest are always marked by a minimalistic eye symbol and are instantly filled in upon discovery. Much of the time, they are in the zone to provide lore and nice views of the map.

Elder Scrolls Online Vvardenfell Map

For the Daedric War event that is currently happening in ESO, you will be tasked with finding a Striking Locale in Vvardenfell if you accept the baseline “Guidance for Guides” quest. In Vvardenfell alone, there are 9 different Striking Locale locations that you can discover. Luckily, you won’t need to discover a new locale for the Daedric War quest and you can simply visit one to complete the objective. The easiest method is to look for the closest eyeball symbol to a wayshrine and mount up to get there quickly.

If you haven’t yet explored Vvardenfell, but you still need to look for a Striking Locale in the zone, then there is an easy one to find just outside of Vivec City in the south. The locale is called Ald Sotha and can be found just northeast of Vivec City. You will automatically have a wayshrine in Vivec City, so this point is the most reliable for the Daedric War event.

You have about two weeks to participate in the event and collect as much loot in the Daedric War as possible. So get out there and find a Striking Locale in The Elder Scrolls Online.

That’s everything you need to know about finding Striking Locales in The Elder Scrolls Online. We’ve got more details on the game in the ESO section of our website!

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