What is Blox.Supply and is it a scam?

Blox.supply bots are overwhelming popular Roblox games with claims of free Robux, but the site mentioned is very likely just another scam.

Roblox is having some issues with bots, and these bots have a tendency to jump into popular games to spam links that are supposed to get you free Robux. When you head to the currently spammed link, it will inevitably take you to Blox.land. This is a website that gets Roblox users to participate in various scam like endeavors that will have you completing captchas, polls, and a whole lot of other seedy things.

Blox.supply is just the latest of these links to be spammed in chat. Roblox has likely been blocking the previously used link in chat (Blox.pink), so Blox.land is forced to create a new one that they can spam again. Each of these will end up redirecting you to Blox.land, they won’t be anything new.

The site only asks for your Roblox account name, so it doesn’t actually attempt to steal your account that we can tell. However, the scammy part of what it is trying to do is get you to sign up or install various apps on your phone. While this isn’t a terrible thing, it’s a disingenuous way to get users and accounts signed up for their applications/programs. You also don’t know if these applications or sites are safe themselves, so you are always gambling when accessing things that are willing to participate in this kind of program.

An easy way you can tell this is a scam is by searching the Roblox accounts that are on the daily leaderboard. I searched through Roblox for each account, and not a single one showed up. So, these are completely false, which just goes to show you that the site likely doesn’t actually distribute any Robux.

The biggest problem is that there’s no way to guarantee you will actually get the Robux they are claiming you will. This site could shutdown at any minute, or they might not send you anything even if you follow all the steps to cash out.

Why do they do this sort of thing? Well, each time you fill out a survey, sign up for an app, and do just about anything they ask you to do, they will be getting paid. The site will be making a whole lot more money than the amount of Robux they will be sending out, if they are actually sending out any at all!

If you actually want to get free Robux, then there are some ways to get them without involving yourself with a scam website. Microsoft itself has a rewards program that you can participate in to get Robux. We delve into this in our How to get Robux free post that you should check out!

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