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Where to find Corruption Cluster & Fragments in Fortnite

We have the exact location of where you need to go to find the Corruption Cluster & Fragments in Fortnite!
Featured Fortnite Corruption Cluster Fragments Image

Fortnitemares is upon us in October 2021, and that means there’s a whole lot of fun stuff to do in the game! That also means that there’s new quests to complete, which will get you a whole bunch of experience, and help you level up that Battle Pass, so that you can get all of those sweet cosmetics. If you’re looking for the Corruption Cluster & Fragments in the game, we’ll direct you to the exact location you need to go to find them!

This objective is the requirement for the Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all the Corruption Fragments quest that you can do in the game!

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Corruption Cluster & Fragments Location

If you’re looking to destroy the Corruption Cluster and all of the Corruption Fragments, you will need to head towards the middle of the map and go south of The Convergence. South of the river and close to the ridge is a grassy area with some trees. You will find three purple fragments here that you need to destroy.

Fortnite Corruption Cluster Fragments Map Location Image

Once you’ve arrived at the fragments, take out your pickaxe and smack each one. You may need to do this multiple times, because they will continue to pop up even after you whacked them.

Credit to HarryNinetyFour on YouTube for the image used below.

Fortnite Cluster Fragments Image

Once they’ve all been destroyed, a large Corruption Cluster will spawn nearby. All you need to do is crack that with your pickaxe and you will have completed this challenge!

That’s everything you need to know about locating Corruption Cluster & Fragments in Fortnite! You can find more coverage of the game in the Fortnite section of our website.

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