Where to find the Nidhoggr Tooth Chips in Tribes of Midgard

Finding the Nidhoggr Tooth Chip in Tribes of Midgard can be a fight with the elements. Read how to find the Nidhoggr Tooth Chips in Tribes of Midgard today.
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Tribes of Midgard is the best game for players who want to survive in a world filled with the lore of the Norse gods. While players fight the mighty Jotunn and try to survive against the encroaching winter, the developer Norsefell has been hard at work on the next part of players’ sagas. As part of the new Witch Saga update, players are asked to find Tooth Chips to give to a certain NPC.

As long as you can look throughout the new realm of Niflheim without freezing to death, you should eventually find it. However, since anti-cold resources are limited, it’s better if you know what to look for exactly. Here’s all the info you need to know about how to find Nidhoggr Tooth Chips in Tribes of Midgard.

Where are the Nidhoggr Tooth Chips in Tribes of Midgard?

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You can find the Nidhoggr Tooth Chips by looking for an icon of vines on your map, which will look like a large fang stuck in the roots of a tree. When you approach it, you’ll need to harvest it, so make sure that there aren’t any enemies around you. Once it spawns, you’ll be required to pick it up off the ground and then take it to Modgudr.

This is just one of the three resources that you’ll need to get across the bridge and take on the new ancient. Be warned that the area where all this takes place is the coldest biome that Norsefell has put out yet, so you’ll need an abundance of coldproof fish and potions to make sure you can search for long enough in the area.

Once you’ve got the resources to Modgudr, you should make sure that you’re prepared for a fight before you cross the bridge. Once you get across, there will be the new Ancient waiting to fight you for entering its domain.

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