Where to find the Spider Man Mythic in Fortnite

We're taking a look at where exactly you can find the Spider-Man mythic web shooters in Fortnite!
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In the Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 Battle Pass, you will be able to collect the Spider-Man outfit and run around the map as your favorite superhero. However, if you want to use the signature web-slinging abilities of Peter Parker or Miles Morales, then you’re going to need to locate the web shooters. These can now be found in the game, and we’ll show you exactly where you will have to go to get them!

Spider Man Mythic

The Spider Man Mythic Web Shooter in Fortnite can be found in the desert area of the map. The landmarks around this location are Impossible Rock, Chateau Bob, and Colossal Cactus. Within these areas you will find backpacks strung up with web that you can open which will sometimes contain the mythic item!

The area is located on the southeastern portion of the map just north of Chonker’s Speedway and to the west of Condo Canyon. It’s a relatively small area, but you’ll know you’re in the right spot when you start seeing webbing strung up around the desert.

The map location of where you can find Spider-Man's mythic in Fortnite

Once you’ve reached the area, just look around for the webbed backpacks that will be stuck to the walls within the confines of the desert. There should be at least a few of them in the area near the other webs. Search them and see if the shooters pop out!

An example of the backpack held up with spider web in Fortnite

Credit to HarryNinetyFour for the screenshot used above.

You can also find the web shooters in a variety of other locations, including The Daily Bugle. Here’s a map with all of the locations! Credit to Fortnite.gg for the map featured below.

Fortnite map of Spider-Man mythic locations

Once you have them in your inventory, you can then use them to swing around. As long as you don’t touch the ground, you can continue to swing. However, once you’ve landed, you will have to wait before you can use them again. Try to bounce off one of the webs and swing around for some ultimate movement!

Each time you do a swing you will use up a single round of web shooter. You get 80 swings in total, so make sure to use them wisely. These can be found in Team Rumble, which is a safer place to go test them out!

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Spider-Man mythic in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1! You can find more coverage of the game in the Fortnite section of our website.

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