WPP and Epic Games partner to develop innovation in the Metaverse

WPP and Epic Games team up to teach the advertising firm how to make new, interactive gaming experiences for clients.
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Epic Games, creator of the Unreal Engine, announced today that they will be teaming up with WPP agencies to help develop a “new era of digital experiences for brands in the metaverse.” This new partnership includes a training program to teach thousands of WPP developers how to create custom brand experiences in Fortnite, similar to past sponsored events such as the in-game Fortnite concerts. Epic Games will also be teaching WPP devs how to use Unreal Engine for 3D development. This new metaverse curriculum is said to educate everything from executives to creative members of the WPP team.

While many people may be familiar with Epic Games, fewer may know who WPP is. WPP plc is a London based firm specializing in multinational communications, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce. As of 2019, it was the world’s largest advertising firm.

WPP is hoping to get in early on investment opportunities for the so-called Metaverse. According to the article, WPP believes that helping brands expand into said Metaverse opens up a wealth of opportunities, and to succeed in this they need both creative excellence and powerful production capabilities in the digital medium. WPP hopes by training with Epic Games to create and sell interactive online advertisement experiences, perhaps even in games such as Fortnite.

Matthew Henick, Vice President of Metaverse Development at Epic Games said, “The collaboration between Epic, WPP, its clients and the creator community will accelerate the building of diverse social entertainment experiences that players across the world will love. This partnership with WPP bolsters our mission to educate more trailblazing brands and creators on how Epic’s tools across Fortnite, Unreal Engine, and 3D marketplaces like ArtStation and Sketchfab can be used to bring their metaverse visions to life.”

This partnership comes not long after the recent announcement that Epic Games will be partnering with LEGO to create a Roblox like metaverse in the future.

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Erik Hodges

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