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WWE Undefeated August 19th Patch Notes (1.5.3)

A new update has been released today for WWE Undefeated on August 19th, 2021 that brings bug fixes and other changes to the game!
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A new update has been released for WWE Undefeated, August 19th, 2021! This new release brings a whole mess of bug fixes that will hopefully cure any issues you’ve had with the game in the past. There are also improvements that have been made, which include the ability to opt out of Cross Region Matchmaking, hard to tap areas and input latency has been improved, and lower end devices can set their graphics lower to help with performance! You will find all of the changes in the patch notes below.

WWE Undefeated 1.5.3 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial can get stuck
  • Active requests to join invite-only factions now appear correctly
  • Friendly Battle requests now appear if a player goes to the main HUB and back to the Faction UI
  • Faction Donations now update in real time
  • Leaderboard now displays the correct league icon for players
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Elbow Drop and Rub It In only connect once
  • Fixed an issue where Insult To Injury was allowing the opponent to come off the ground
  • Big E’s passive icon now stays lit for the duration of the passive being active
  • Big E’s stats now appear correctly
  • Randy Savage style’s stats now appear correctly
  • Edge’s style’s stats now appear correctly
  • Purchasing Battle Bucks offers now show the VFX properly when scrolling
  • Ghost VFX no longer appears in the League Progression screen
  • Upgrade VFX no longer appears on the Move Screen after it’s  been upgraded and no other upgrades are available.
  • Upgrade buttons update in real time when user taps fast
  • Various text fixes
  • Various Audio fixes
  • Various UI fixes where certain UI would appear and overlap other UI incorrectly.
  • Styles with lasting effects based on time are now able to re-trigger before the time runs out, which resets the timer but does not stack the effect. (Otis, Triple H, Steve Austin, Big E)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura’s style now consistently scales with combo size
  • Fixed issue that would prevent proximity-based attacks from entering their followup animation in some situations


  • Players can now opt of Cross Region Matchmaking
  • Hard to tap areas have been improved
  • Input latency has been improved
  • Lower End devices will be set to lower graphics settings to help improve performance
  • Undertaker’s Last Ride has been adjust to appear better aligned against larger opponents
  • Body Slam has better alignment with opponents
  • Loot box opening lighting now matches the color of the loot box being opened

Those are all of the bug fixes, changes, and updates that were made in this new patch for WWE Undefeated! If you’re curious about other updates for a variety of games, be sure to check out the Patch Notes section of our website.

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