Yakuza meets League of Legends with custom Sett skin

The Dame Dane Guy himself comes to League of Legends with this fan-made skin mod.
Kazuma In League Image
Image: SEGA

Kazuma Kiryu is the Yakuza franchise’s most reoccurring and famous protagonist. The Dragon of Dojima is known for his ascent to the top of the Tojo clan, and his legendary adventures have earned the Yakuza franchise an incredibly dedicated fanbase.

If you’re a part of this dedicated fanbase, the Yakuza games might not be enough for you. Ever wanted to take Kazuma into a competitive game action game, beating down hordes of enemies like they’re the thugs of a rival yakuza gang? Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this article.

Un Pelotudo Jugando has done exactly this, bringing Kazuma to the incredibly popular League of Legends with a fantastic custom skin. This mod overwrites the model of a champion in-game, giving him the appearance of the legendary Yakuza protagonist so you can finally fulfill that fantasy we talked about earlier.

But who is the skin for? Picking the right champ is important, because we wouldn’t want to see Kazuma superimposed over Vel’Koz, firing laser beams out his eyes as he t-poses in the sky. Which League of Legends champion is fitting for Kazuma Kiryu? The answer, of course, is Sett, a champion so similar to Kazuma in appearance, personality and mannerisms that he may as well be a love letter to the Yakuza franchise.

(Spoilers: He kind of is.)

Not only are Sett’s animations already really fitting, but the mod creators have also gone so far as to include custom particle effects, slight model tweaks, sound changes, and even a completely new voice over to further sell the fantasy of playing Kazuma Kiryu in League of Legends.

There may be some issues in the model, such as some slight texture tearing on movement, but for a fan-made mod this skin is incredibly well-made and visually stunning. You couldn’t get any closer to getting the real Kazuma Kiryu in League of Legends unless Riot Games started adding Yakuza characters as playable champions.

What do you think of this Kazuma Kiryu custom skin? What Yakuza characters would you like to see added to League of Legends, and what champions would you put them on? Be sure to comment below, and check out the rest of our League of Legends articles and guides.

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