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YBA Halloween Update Log – Your Bizarre Adventure

Your Bizarre Adventure has a new Halloween event that is now available!
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YBA has just come out with the new Halloween update that brings a bunch of new stuff to the game. You can now collect Candy and use it to purchase limited-edition items in the game! There are also some new skins for Stands, and you will soon be able to trade skins in a future update. There were a variety of fixes made to the game, so hopefully any issues you were having have been rectified. Check out all of the details below!

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YBA Halloween Update Log

Changes in v0.89

  • You can now attack someone that is being stand barraged by another person, but only in the 2v2’s game mode.
  • Removed the red cylinder indicators from most mobs


  • Fixed marionette control lasting forever
  • Fixed Fist Barrage not working with Boxing Claws
  • Fixed the new Scarlet King and Scarlet King Requiem skins messing up Dimension Slash
  • Fixed the day and night cycle instantly changing
  • Fixed Prestige Master Rin in Metal Ball Run


  • Candy! Collect Candy from winning game modes like 1v1’s, 2v2’s, and Metal Ball Run! They will also spawn in the main map, but uncommonly. Turn in your candy at the new NPC for limited edition items and Cosmetics! You can also turn in candy for some normal items! All Limited Edition Halloween stuff will be unobtainable after the event ends!
  • 5 New LIMITED EDITION Cosmetics
  • 7 New LIMITED EDITION Stand Skins (Scarlet King [x2], Platinum Sun, The Universe, White Poison, G-Moon, The Way to Heaven)
  • ALSO.. Stand SKINS will be TRADABLE soon in another upcoming update so these limited edition halloween stand skins will be even more valuable…
  • The event will end on November 7!
  • New Skins for Deadly King (x2), Deadly King: Bites the Dust, Scarlet King, Scarlet King Requiem, The Universe, The Universe Over Heaven (x2), Tentacle Green, Airsmith, Six Pistols


  • Attacks in rage mode time stops will not be buffed by rage mode
  • Made The Universe Alternate Universe’s Gold Skin as the default model, but gave the skin another model
  • New Stand Model for Platinum Sun, Platinum Sun: The Universe, and White Poison
  • Fixed Cocoyoin’s Hair, Shiny Cocoyoin’s Hair, and Deo’s Hair v2 being too small
  • Prestige Master Rin has taken over for Prestige Master Will
  • Decreased voiceline cooldown (gamepass)


  • Fixed Throw Knives
  • Fixed rage time stops not draining bar
  • Fixed being unable to stop rage time stops early
  • Fixed storyline not giving Trisha Uno’s Hair
  • fixed being stuck in morioh in 1v1’s and 2v2’s until u reset
  • Fixed dimensional dip giving speed boost if u cancel it asap
  • Fixed Marionette Control sometimes not disabling victims
  • Hopefully fixed Tusk Nails stopping mid air
  • Fixed being able to detonate SHA twice
  • Fixed getting Plant Bomb cancelled resulting in permanent slower walkspeed
  • Fixed Boxing Gloves having a big collision box
  • Fixed Mysterious Bow
  • Fixed Zombie Henchman and Vampire Mobs not rotating towards you and not using their abilities
  • Fixed Road Roller not hitting if u use it ontop of someone
  • Fixed Shiny Diego’s cosmetic typo
  • Wamoo’s Hair cosmetic is now named “Ecidisi’s Hair”
  • Ecidici’s Hair cosmetic is now named “Waamu’s Hair”
  • Fixed getting timestopped while using ora beatdown making u bugged
  • Fixed time stop making it so u can use moves while in Shell Form and Turtle Form
  • Fixed discord webhooks

That’s everything about the new Halloween update for Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure! For more details on a variety of experience on the platform, check out the Roblox section of our website!

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