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Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) Soft & Wet Update Log and Patch Notes

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure has released the Soft & Wet update which brings a variety of new content, features, and bug fixes to the game.
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The new Soft & Wet + Free Spec Storage update for Your Bizarre Adventure will be released on February 3rd, 2023! There are a ton of other bug fixes, content additions, and balancing done to the game that you can read all about in the update log. This is a big patch, so make sure to pay attention what was added so that you can take full advantage!

One new freebie has been added, which you can find on our YBA Codes page! The below patch notes were released via the official Discord server, and have been slightly reformatted.

YBA Hamon Soft & Wet v1.5 Update Log

New Stand, “Soft & Wet” !!!

  • 9 moves and a Skill Tree
  • Obtained from a Rib Cage of the Saint’s Corpse
  • Can be evolved in to “Soft & Wet: Go Beyond”, gaining +1 new move in the Skill Tree. TALK TO JESUS FOR THE QUEST.
  • 1 new SKIN:
    • Golden & Wet (COMMON)

[FREE Spec Storage] Fighting-Style Slot #1 can now be unlocked for FREE !!!

  • Unlocked at Level 50+

[3 FREE Stand Storages] The first 3 Stand Slots can now be unlocked for FREE !!!

  • Each slot requires +1 prestige to be unlocked (So Slot #2 requires prestige 2+ and Slot #3 requires prestige 3+)

UNLIMITED Stand Slots & Style Slots !!!

  • You can now purchase as many Stand Slots OR Style slots as you want for 799 ROBUX in-game
  • No more Slot gamepasses because you can buy them ingame now

Changes & Fixes

  • Fixed being able to move-stack with Stand Barrage
  • Fixed some moves that required a mouse to target players on Mobile (will now auto target players/NPCS closest to you)
  • Fixed healing moves not healing the user if they get ragdolled
  • Fixed Dashes being cancelable
  • Hopefully fixed RHCP’s Electric Guitar not stop playing sometimes
  • Hopefully fixed Whirling Steel Ball breaking and moving at extremely slow speeds on certain surfaces or if you aim downwards/upwards
  • Reworked Jesus:
    • Updated to use the newer Dialogue system
    • Reworked some of his Dialogue conversations
    • New Idle Animation
    • The cosmetic “Josefumi’s Hat” can now only be obtained after obtaining “Soft & Wet: Go Beyond”
  • Remodeled the following Skins and their User Auras:
    • Star Platinum: Stone Ocean
    • OVA Platinum
    • Heaven Act 4
  • Reworked EVERY Stand, Fighting-Style, and Character Skill Tree’s passive nodes so that they are almost equal in Skill-Points, this did not change the total skill points of any Skill Trees
  • Reworked the Following HUD Frames:
    • Replaced the “Skill Trees Frame” with the new “Character Frame”
    • Replaced the “Stand Storage Frame” with the new “Stands Frame”, which also includes a Skill Tree Button
    • Reworked the “Fighting-Style Storage Frame” just like the “Stand Storage Frame”
    • Reworked the “Store Frame” to look better
    • Added a “Back Button” to all Frames
  • Made it so if any automated skill tree nodes become a brown / poop color it’ll become a blue/purple color instead
  • Made it so you can no longer add items to trades after confirming
  • Added a character animation to all Humanoid Stands when Summoned


  • Reduced Zoom Punch damage by 40%
  • Added slightly more windup to Zoom Punch
  • Reduced Scarlet Overdrive initial punch damage by 15%
  • Reduced Metal Silver Overdrive damage by 20%
  • Increased Luck & Pluck damage by 25%
  • Made Luck & Pluck ragdoll instead of stun and added a time-stop cooldown

You can checkout some of the update’s features in the video below:

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