5 Best Spring 2022 Anime to watch right now

If you're wondering what anime to watch this Spring 2022 season, we have five suggestions for you!
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Some incredible anime series have been released this Spring 2022 season. Others, however, haven’t lived up to their hype, whether it’s because of their storyline, art style, or overall concept. But these are the ones that are worth watching this season.

Spy x Family

Spy x Family is a comedy and action anime series based on the manga written by Tatsuya Endou. It follows the story of Twilight, a spy tasked with his next mission–to marry, have a child, and infiltrate a prestigious school to get close to one parent. Twilight, who takes on the alias of Loid Forger, adopts a young girl from an orphanage with a terrible past. 

But what he doesn’t know is that Anya is a telepath, meaning she knows he’s a spy, and she lives for it. The only other addition is the appearance of Yor. She is a seemingly ordinary woman who moonlights as an assassin and becomes Anya’s mother and Loid’s wife. Together, the Forgers must act as a family while keeping their secrets and somehow survive their dangerous lives.

If you love feisty and meme-worthy characters and lots of laughter and action, then watch Spy x Family.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

After season one of Rising of the Shield Hero ended with a bang, fans have been not so patiently waiting for season 2. So far, it has been worth the wait. We have seen Naofumi and the other heroes getting off on the wrong foot and lots of action this season.

Naofumi and his team, including Filo and Raphtalia, must work with the other kingdoms to stop the Tortoise Spirit before it destroys the entire world. Each episode has been exciting and just an excellent show to watch. So if you like isekai’s, magic, and drama, check out Rising of the Shield Hero. 

Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3

If you’re a book lover, you may understand Main’s horror at arriving in a world where books are rare. She has gone to many extremes when developing books in Ascendance of a Bookworm as they have been her heart and soul for decades.

Because of her cleverness and ingenuity, she has been targeted by some evil people. So, she must stay at the temple to remain safe. Despite this, she won’t let anything, or anyone, stop her from reading or teaching others to read. If you love books, want to know more about their history, and enjoy reincarnation shows, this one is for you.

​​Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight in Another World is not Overlord and is worth watching. There are many similarities between the two shows, but also many differences. Skeleton Knight in Another World has some sweet, funny, heartwarming moments and a good protagonist. In contrast, Overlord has a villain for the main character.

However, Skeleton Knight in Another World is also very dark and contains some adult themes that can be uncomfortable. Regardless of its questionable content, it is turning out to be an excellent anime. Watch Skeleton Knight in Another World if you enjoy isekai’s, fantasy elements, and blushing skeleton protagonists.

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody is a classic reincarnation anime with an overly powered main character. However, it offers a unique storyline: a man referred to as a demon lord (but isn’t a demon) wants to be normal and make friends.

But after reincarnating, he’s still OP and even runs into people from his previous life. It’s a great fantasy, comedy, and action anime that is enjoyable, especially if you like Wise Man’s Grandchild and How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. 

The Spring 2022 anime season may have just started, but there are some fantastic shows to watch and rising stars amongst them. Be sure to check out our section on Anime for more great content!

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