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A Universal Time Update Log – Balance Patch Notes!

We're taking a look at all of the recent patches that have been added to Roblox A Universal Time with these update logs.
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The developers have been hard at work in trying to get the newly revamped Roblox A Universal Time game up to snuff. There’s been a fair amount of issues, particularly due to the amount of players flooding into the game since the launch. A lot of things have been getting fixed, and they have even added some more specs to the game that you can unlock. There’s bound to be a whole lot more to come, so we’re keeping track of it all in this post!

Learn everything there is to know in AUT via our A Universal Time Wiki page!

A Universal Time Update Logs

November 21st

All of the details on this update can be found AUT Yone/Yasuo Patch Notes page!

October 25th

The changes above were applied, meaning that Dawn’s [R] and KC’s Arm Chop now have a indicator.

Stand Storage is no longer usable in D4C’s dimension.
D4C’s summon cooldown is now 2 seconds to patch a bug where it could lag the server.
Gojo’s Blue Amplification effect now always gets cleaned up.
Fixed a FPS drop that occurs when someone lands on the ground.
Applied a fix to cooldowns that may stop them from getting shorter the older the server gets.

Shadow The World and Shadow Legs now have new models.
Killer Queen now has a new model.
D4C now has a new model.

The following stands / abilities have been given poses:

  • Shadow The World / Shadow Legs
  • Gold Experience
  • Gold Experience Requiem
  • Broly
  • Star Platinum Requiem
  • Sakuya Izayoi
  • Sol
  • Whitesnake
  • Omnitrix
  • Reaper
  • Sans

September 24th

Note: I’m pretty aware of people really wanting Yasuo & Yone update, don’t worry it’ll come out soon we just waiting on animations and I’d need to finish it’s other stuff then me and nub will polish it whenever it’s done and tested for a day – Bugs too will be handled a lot very soon, I wanted to push this balance changes update fast since there hasn’t been any patches lately

Balance Changes

  • King Crimson’s “Arm chop” no longer stuns
  • King Crimson’s “Arm chop” now deals 28.5 as it should be was 35 cooldown now 23.5 was 20
  • Time Erase cooldown increased to 40 was 30 due to the duration also being really high and guarantees most of the time a hit
  • SPTW’s “Resolve” is no longer an evasive and cut 10 seconds of it’s duration and increased cooldown a lot
  • Improved Broly’s “LMB Combo” hitbox to be more like how gojo and standless is currently
  • Increased “The Snake Awakens” cooldown to 15 was 12
  • Increased “Rhythm Echo” cooldown to 18.25 was 7
  • Fixed Killua’s awakenings cooldowns
  • pretty sure I patched killua’s inf combo if there was any, and also slightly increased endlag to “No mercy”
  • Increased Made In Heaven’s knives cooldown slightly and the stand off one teleports you further a bit now “Quadrable Knives”
  • Made In Heaven’s “Too late” move cooldown increased a bit
  • SP and SPTW “Heal” moves now has endlags like any other heal move in the game
  • “Resolve” and “Dark Determination” now have the same cooldown being 150
  • “Sheer Heart Attack” Damage is now 30 was 35 cooldown is now 100 was 75 stun slightly buffed
  • Shadow Dio’s “Jab” now deals 6.5 was 8
  • Fixed TWOH’s “LMB combo” stun length now, it should stun properly now
  • STWR’s “Burst Barrage” last punch hitbox buffed, Fixed It’s knock and endlag slightly it should feel smoother now (ppl shouldn’t be able to escape it easier now)
  • Gojo’s “Air Palm” endlag reduced and hitbox slightly adjusted
  • Reaper’s “Consecutive slashes” now slows you down a little when used like barrages
  • Reaper’s “Wither” slash projectile damage slightly buffed
  • GE “Beatdown” damage adjusted slightly (Move might get reworked, to a whole shorter beatdown)
  • Tusk “Unrelenting assault” nail shot shouldn’t be blockable now there was a small typo hopefully it works fine now
  • TWHV’s “Knife throw” has slow like other knife throws now and gunshots
  • Sakuya’s “Triple shot” Damage slightly buffed
  • Sakuya’s “Triple shot” now guard breaks

September 19th

Broly can be obtained through the dragon balls quest, shenron’s wish, the mailbox free stand slot is available only for 1 day.


  • Added Broly
  • Added a free stand slot for everyone If you interact with the mailbox near the tutorial NPC
  • Added a new model for Gojo not sure if anyone said that lmao
  • Added a new aura for all stands
  • Added a new pose music for Creeper Queen
  • Added a new pose music for King Crimson
  • Added a new pose music for King Crimson Requiem
  • Added a new pose music for Futurstic Queen
  • Updated and optimised KQ’s explosions VFX


  • Fixed a bug with H/STWR G move not working
  • Fixed a bug with Goku’s Quest “Road to strongest” not having proper values on the task
  • Fixed a bug with SPTW’s awakening (Resolve) not giving dmg buff
  • Fixed a bug with Unrelenting assasult not bypassing through block
  • Fixed a bug with Scratch on tusks
  • Fixed a bug with mute music not actually muting the music (haven’t tested this one was on a hurry)
  • Fixed a few stun bugs with crystallized and nuclear star
  • Fixed a bug with Thunder god’s decision not being able to use it during 1v1s
  • Fixed a bug with being able to block Unrelenting assault(Tusk’s BD)
  • Sol quest should be working now just make sure you have tales of universe if it doesn’t please report it immediately
  • Fixed a bug with a few moves being blockable somehow
  • Fixed some lag issues
  • Fixed an effect being x2 what it is and needed and causing some drop fps
  • Fixed tusks lmbs speed and hitbox a little its now like standless and gojo
  • Fixed Goku’s LMBs hitbox holy shit being large as fuck
  • Fixed SPR Y move minor typo in code


  • Adjusted D4C a little bit on moves stuff
  • Adjusted Crystallized & Nuclear star’s a little bit
  • Adjusted Tusks LMB combos hitbox
  • Adjusted The Snakea awakens hitbox
  • Chests now give 2000
  • Chest items Bone and Dragon ball are harder to get now
  • Nocturnus’s Aura are now black & red
  • Sol’s Aura are now black & blue
  • Slightly Increased the difficulty of Sol’s quest and “Ascension to infinity” & TWOH’s quest & Nocturnus’s one & Sakuya’s one
  • Other quests adjusted it’s difficulty too
  • Shadow’s Demands quest Drain blood is now 350 was 2500, the rest increased the difficulty
  • All pose musics now can be heard from 80 studs was 200 and a bit nuisance

Balance changes

  • SPTW Heavy punch knocks much further now since somehow it was used as a combo extender
  • Reduced Stun length of Goku’s meteor strike
  • Slightly adjusted Goku’s Barrage hitbox not being precise
  • Increased Instant transmission cooldown to 5 was 3.5
  • Slightly nerfed GE bd dmg
  • Buffed stwr’s knives dmg a little
  • Reduced SPTW’s awakening duration to 30 was 45, Increased heal amount from 30 to 50, Increased cooldown
  • Killua’s Thunderbolt on ground now stuns for 0.8 seconds , Thunderbolt during the user being in air stuns for 1.5 seconds all was 2 before
  • The Snake awakens now has a slight endlag 0.3 sec
  • Blood suck cannot be used in time stop anymore
  • D4C stand off punches damage slightly buffed
  • D4C Clone bomb damage buffed a LOT and cooldown increased
  • D4C Dimension hop duration increased to 7 was 5
  • D4C Stand off R increased damage a little in total being 32.50
  • D4C’s counter last punch knockback increased heavily and cooldown being 21.25 was 25

September 18th

  • Added Creeper Queen Pose
  • Added Killer Queen Pose
  • Added Futuristic Queen Pose
  • Fixed Creeper Queen
  • Fixed Futuristic Queen
  • Added King Crimson Pose
  • Added King Crimson Requiem Pose
  • Added new map “Sky Island”

September 13th/14th


  • Added a new emote to the gamepass (Emote Pack #1)
  • Added a new emote to the gamepass (Emote Pack #1)
  • Added a new user idle to Tusks
  • Added a new user idle to Standless
  • Added a new dash forward, backward, left, right animations
  • Added a new dash visual effect


  • Fixed a bug with Nuclear star and crystallized punches
  • Fixed a bug with a few volume sfx on some stands
  • Fixed a bug with with gojo part model
  • You no longer get stuck to walls if someone used time erasure

Balance Changes

  • Both UI and MUI now also require Full Ki Meter to transform, UI and MUI forms cooldown starts right after forms end too
  • SPTW awakening now only heals 30 was 100, duration reduced of awakening, damage buff was 1.2x now it’s 1x, cooldown longer
    and endlag iframes reduced by 2/3 seconds now
  • Increased wind up of TWOH and endlag of time stop it also can be interrupted now
  • you are no longer able to run and throw knives with the world, you are slow a little during the usage of the move stand on and off T and added slight endlag
  • you are no longer able to do it with shadow dio too ^
  • Increased endlag of shadow dio projectiles a little
  • The World’s Donut stun length is 2 seconds now and damage nerfed no idea why it wasn’t applying stun before even though i fixed it, but i’m going to test it with someone later a bit since I didn’t test it now should be the same with KC now and KC damage nerfed on donut
  • Killua’s LMBs now do 8 was 8.25
  • Killua’s endlag slightly increased on Instant death
  • Killer Queen’s Bubble bomb cooldown increased now just noticed its 3 seconds – it’s now 13.25 seconds
  • Killer Queen’s SHA cooldown slightly increased and cooldown plays after move ends
  • Gojo’s Hollow purple iframes activates after 1/1.15 second of the move activation
  • Gojo’s LMBs hitbox is now better and almost the same as Standless
  • GER’s Beam now guard breaks and cooldown slightly reduced
  • SPR’s J move can now allow you to rotate the character and also move stun length on first hit increased and dmg slightly buffed
  • Reality Overwrite Cooldown increased heavily
  • Star finger has a slight endlag now

Minor Updates

  • Added G. Impact Map & Satan’s Den Map
  • Updated to the latest game version
  • Disabled GE’s Tree Moves in URF
  • Disabled Goku’s MUI/UI in URF Game Mode
  • URF enabled for testing purposes
  • Search button problems should now be fixed
  • Optimized searching and matchmaking
  • Satan’s Den map’s blur bug has been fixed
  • Gojo fixed in URF and 1v1s

September 7th – 1v1 Update

  • Added new map “Morioh Map” to the 1v1s game mode.
  • Fixed Killua in the 1v1s game mode.
  • Other bugs have been squashed.

September 6th – More Updates

  • Sans stamina buffed was 200 now it’s 300 and regen is now 0.5 was 0.3
  • Increased some of Sans’ cooldowns moves
  • Sans and MUI/UI Dodges now slow you down a bit when you dodge
  • Sans’s Gaster blaster now goes in front of the player
  • If Sans’s bait move now gets in contact with a target the target won’t be able to move you’ll still have time to block
  • Sans bone guard has iframes now until it’s over
  • Sans counter now if you get hit by it and not block in time you’ll be stunned immediately
  • Sans Bad time move now if you block before the move is gonna be performed on you the move will immediately be cancelled
  • Changed Sans End move quite a bit now, added a new animation some sfx and visual effects and a slight wind up instead of instant
  • Changed Sans dummy stamina to be the same as the actual sans instead of 50
  • Fixed a bit with some unobs models transparency

September 6th

  • You now earn U-Coins and Wins if somebody logs or leaves
  • Added 3 new quotes for Killua
  • Added a new voiceline for Killua’s No mercy move
  • Added a new voiceline for Killua’s Godmode enterance
  • Added new dash SFX for Killua’s R and F moves
  • Added new SFX for No mercy move and voiceline

Balance Changes

  • Increased Tusk Act 4 wormhole barrage cooldown to 15 was 10
  • Tusk Act 4 Infinite rotation (Unrelenting Assault) shot no longer guard breaks but instead bypasses through everything
  • Tusk Act 4 Rotational Guidance damage is now 9.25 was 8.25 multiplies by x5 btw the punches (Blockable)
  • Dark Determination cooldown is now 100 was 120 same as sptw awakening now
  • The World Over Heaven’s Ground strike cooldown increased to 20 was 10 and damage buffed to 20
  • The World Over Heaven’s LMB combo no longer deals 10 per hit its now 8
  • The World Over Heaven’s Barrage damages 1.3 per hit now was 1.4 since length is high too
  • The World’s Barrage cooldown increased 6 was too low
  • Made tusks m1s really fast now
  • Added a spawn cooldown for SPTW’s Awakening
  • King Crimson’s Donut now actually stuns properly sorry for not testing it before that was my fault
  • Killua HP is now 400
  • Killua’s Speed of lightning cannot be used during stun anymore (that was not intentional at first) and increased cd sligtly
  • Killua’s Snake awakens damage is now 1.3 was 2.5 (it was 2.5 for the length change at first when i was balancing but i reverted the length of the move to 3 and forgot to revert damage so i did it now)
  • Killua’s Thunderbolt CD is now 10 was 8
  • Killua’s both modes cooldowns increased by 20 extra seconds
  • Killua’s Endlag on F and R reduced and instant death damage slightly reduced
  • Timed Speed of lightning with an animation now


  • Fixed bug with Speed of lightning being broken in 1v1s fixed
  • Fixed bugs in some teleport moves
  • Fixed bug due to Gojo amplification
  • Fixed bug where D4C’s Counter move could endlag

September 5th

  • Added Killua (NEW ABILITY) – Killua NPC can be found in the beach
  • Added a new move for SPTW (Y) Key – Must be low health to use it
  • Added new model for Enrico Pucci the Ability Resetter
  • Updated 1v1s

Balance Changes

  • Nerfed Killing doll damage slightly and increased the cooldown
  • Sakuya’s G move no longer guard breaks because it’s extremely fast and instant
  • Slightly nerfed sakuya’s Triple shot move damage
  • Nerfed Gaster’s saws and stun
  • Nerfed some of gaster’s stun and increased LMB cooldown a little to prevent annoying very long combos


  • Fixed Tusk not being able to use nail shots in all acts
  • Fixed Unrelenting Dassault
  • Fixed 1v1s breaking your character somehow
  • Fixed Sans bad time being blocked mid usage
  • Fixed shadow dio not working
  • Fixed a few collision bugs
  • Fixed Gaster stuff

September 4th

  • Trading enabled and adjusted
  • 1v1s updated to latest version
  • Added new footsteps SFX
  • Added a new summoning SFX for SPR & CSPR
  • Added new quotes to SPR & CSPR
  • Added new SFX to all of SPR & CSPR moves
  • Removed old 1v1 maps from the game
  • Added a new Aura for UI/MUI
  • Added voiceline to Goku’s Blink move
  • Added a new kamehameha animation for Goku
  • Added (2) new 1v1s maps


  • Fixed SP tandem hitbox being delayed
  • Fixed morph bugs
  • Fixed a few map issues
  • Fixed Dragon balls being invisible p sure by adam
  • Fixed Goku quest
  • Fixed TWOH Y move being interrupted by roofs in 1v1 maps
  • Fixed Sakuya’s R move not having an effect
  • Fixed Sakuya’s R move hitbox
  • Fixed Arrow prison not working

Balance Changes

  • Due to Goku’s new kamehameha animation the wind up is much faster now and better than it was before
  • Goku’s Cooldown on UI/MUI increased
  • You can no longer go instantly to MUI if you lost your UI form when you’re low once you go into any UI form the other one will go into a 1 minute cooldown
  • The Ki drain for Goku forms increased heavily, you lose ki x3 times faster with UI/MUI equipped
  • Goku’s HP regen on SSJG and SSJB has been nerfed, and you lose more HP during SSJBK
  • Reduced the size of White Snake’s Sleep move
  • You can no longer block or try to dodge while being asleep by White snake move
  • Reduced WS E stun length
  • WS heavy punch has an endlag like the rest now and cooldown slightly increased and barrage ending too on E move
  • Patched WS inf combo
  • Patched Crystallized & Nuclear star inf combo
  • Patched C-Moon inf combo
  • C-Moon stand off E barrage knocks further now and damage slightly reduced & cooldown increased
  • C-Moon stand barrage cooldown increased
  • Buffed some of Made In Heaven’s hitbox teleport moves and made them slightly better
  • Buffed Made In Heaven’s Knives damage slightly from 3.5 each to 4.5
  • Made In Heaven’s Last strike chop knocks further now and deals 35 was 32.25
  • King Crimson’s Arm chop buffed from 26 to 28.25 now
  • King Crimson’s (T) chop move buffed damage from 23.25 to 32.25 and stun slightly increased
  • King Crimson’s Time erasure last 8 seconds now
  • Improved KC’s LMB combo stun length like others now
  • King Crimson’s (R) move Donut stun last longer now
  • Tusk Act 4 Rotational Guidance no longer guard breaks and cooldown is now 12.25 was 10
  • Tusks Switch acts cooldown reduced to 1 second was 2.5
  • Tusk Slow Dancer has an actual cooldown now when you use it and so is D/TWHV
  • Ground slams endlag reduced
  • X-Chara’s Disable move only last 1.5 seconds now was 5 seconds
  • X-Chara’s Glitch Stab cooldown increased
  • X-Chara’s Overwrite R move damage reduced slightly made it faster too buffed double tap a little and increased its cooldown
  • X-Chara’s Heal cooldown is now 30 was 18
  • X-Chara’s Blaster comes out faster now
  • X-Chara’s Abomination move has an endlag like the ground slams now
  • The World’s Donut stun length increased like KC now and cooldown increased damage is now 50 was 40
  • Gaster’s stuns nerfed slightly and reduced dmg
  • You can no longer rotate after being hit by The World’s Donut (IT’S INVEITABLE!!!!) trollege
  • Sakuya R move hitbox buffed
  • Dawn no longer has iframes on “Phoenix”
  • Improved Dawn’s LMB stun
  • Reaper’s Lost Soul cooldown increased
  • Reaper’s Soul Embodiment cooldown increased
  • Sans’s “Bad Time” move can no longer be blocked and cooldown increased heavily
  • Sans’s Counter cooldown increased
  • Sans’s Bait move reduced cooldown and made it come out slightly faster
  • Sans’s F move bone throw at first is faster now
  • The World: Over Heaven Reality overwrite hitbox was slightly adjusted and the walkspeed reduction was nerfed
  • The World: Over Heaven Time stop cooldown increased
  • The World: Over Heaven Groundstrike endlag slightly reduced

That’s everything you need to know about all of the update that have been released for Roblox A Universal Time. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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