Alone in the Dark Remake Unveils Spotlight Video and Demo

Pieces Interactive recently unveiled a spotlight video and demo for the eagerly-awaited Alone in the Dark remake, set for release on PlayStation 5 on October 25.
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Image: Pieces Interactive

The highly anticipated reimagining of the survival horror classic, Alone in the Dark, is nearing its release, slated for PlayStation 5 on October 25. Pieces Interactive, the team behind the project, shared an in-depth view of the game through a spotlight video and demo, promising both old and new players a modernized yet faithful experience of the original title. New details on the title were revealed in a recent PlayStation Blog spotlight, which was announced earlier this week.

The project is creatively directed by Mikael Hedberg, known for his work on horror classics Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, with creature designs by Guy Davis, a well-known collaborator of the famed director, Guillermo Del Toro. The team’s commitment to the game’s legacy and vision for the remake have shaped Alone in the Dark as a tantalizing reimagination of the genre’s seminal work.

The game retains key elements of the survival horror genre, including challenging puzzles and clues for players to unravel. It offers varying degrees of difficulty levels catering to different player preferences, with some levels providing lesser assistance to those seeking a rigorous challenge, while others provide more guidance.

Pieces Interactive unveiled this new vision for Alone in the Dark through an eleven-minute spotlight stream, introducing voice talent, showcasing gameplay, cutscenes, and exploring the game’s haunting soundscape. The stream also revealed a playable Prologue, giving players a sneak peek of the full game’s horrors.

The modern gaming hardware has allowed the team to refine character performances, capturing intricate emotions that breathe life into the protagonists, Detective Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, voiced by Hollywood stars David Harbour and Jodie Comer respectively. Their individual reactions to the environments and unique story moments provide a fresh interpretation of their journey, offering a distinctively immersive experience.

Both Edward and Emily are on a shared quest to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Jeremy Hartwood, Emily’s uncle. Their motivations differ — professional curiosity and work prospects drive Edward, while Emily seeks to find her missing relative and shake off a family curse. Their interactions with the residents of Derceto Manor and their individual past traumas further color their actions within the game.

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Image: Pieces Interactive

David Harbour infuses his role as Edward with both intensity and playfulness, expertly portraying the character’s reactions to terrifying situations and adding a touch of dry wit. Jodie Comer, an Olivier, BAFTA, and Emmy award-winning actress, portrays Emily with exceptional subtlety, conveying her concern for her missing uncle and the looming dread of a family curse. These performances, coupled with replayability through both characters’ perspectives, create a captivating experience for players.

The game’s soundtrack, created by Doom Jazz legend Jason Köhnen, captures the ambiance of the game’s 1920s Louisiana setting. It mirrors the period’s unrest and the eerie essence of the game, combining nostalgia and modernity to create an otherworldly soundscape.

To give players a preview of the game, a free playable Prologue is now available. It allows players to step into the shoes of Grace Saunders, a character from Alone in the Dark 2, and experience a glimpse of the terror that awaits within Derceto Manor.

Here are links to the demo based on the different platforms it’s available on:

With the release date approaching, Pieces Interactive promises more surprises, inviting players to watch the spotlight video, play the Prologue, and pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition for bonus content. October 25, the release date, is eagerly anticipated by fans and newcomers alike.

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