Anime Fighting Simulator X Overhaul Boss Spawn Guide

Want to know how to spawn the secret boss Overhaul in Anime Fighting Simulator X? We've got you covered!
A screenshot of the Overhaul boss from Anime Fighting Simulator X
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Are you geared up to spawn and tackle The Overhaul Boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X? From the action-packed sequences of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z to the deep stories of Demon Slayer and One Piece, Anime Fighting Simulator X offers tons of adventures. With the latest update, the game took an exciting turn, ushering in the My Hero Academy anime universe. This not only broadened our playfield but also introduced us to Quirks and the daunting Overhaul boss. Definitely. But don’t fret. With my hours poured into this game, I’m here to tell you how to spawn the Overhaul boss in AFSX.

If you’re keen on diving further into Anime Fighting Simulator X, trust me, you’re in the right place. Oh, and a heads up for the savvy gamers – watch out for the occasional freebies on our dedicated Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes page.

How To Spawn Overhaul Boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X

For all those looking to encounter The Overhaul Boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X, set your sights on the My Hero Academy-themed island. If you’re scratching your head wondering where this is, just keep an eye west of the Volcano and a bit southwest of the famed Chakra Tree. But before you get ahead of yourself, there’s a tiny catch. To spawn the Overhaul boss in Anime Simulator X, you’ll need the elusive Eri Shard. With one in your inventory, find the Endeavor NPC on My Hero Academia Island and offer up the Eri Shard. Voila, the mighty Overhaul, will now be summoned.

How to Get an Eri Shard in Anime Fighting Simulator X

How does one get their hands on an Eri Shard in AFSX? From my in-game escapades, I’ve discovered two prime ways. The first is taking down Stain, which comes with a 5% drop rate and is located on the same island, but Stain’s recommended level is 175.

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A map showing off the location of Stain and the Overhaul boss in Anime Fighting Simulator x
Image: NoobBlox

But if you ask me, I’ve got a sweeter deal: hunt the Yakuza Commander. You might raise an eyebrow at the seemingly low 1% drop chance. But hear me out. The My Hero Academy Island is crawling with Yakuza. Add to the quest from the Falcon NPC (yeah, that’s Hawks from the My Hero Academia series). This quest sets you on a path to eliminate 10 Yakuza mobs and rewards you with a handsome 8,500 Yen. It’s a delightful way to stay engaged while waiting for the Yakuza Commander to spawn. And a pro-tip from a fellow gamer: equip yourself with a Luck Boost buff. It’ll ramp up your chances of snagging that Eri Shard.

Though there are methods of AFK Farming Stain, you can watch a couple of YouTube videos here:

How to Summon the Overhaul Boss in Anime Fighting Simulator X

So you’ve got your Eri Shard? Once that shard is safely in your inventory, make your way over to the Endeavor NPC. He’s conveniently located on the same island as the Falcon NPC, in the northwestern part. Have a quick chat with him, and with the Eri Shard’s power, he’ll whisk you away to the boss arena, where you can use the Eri Shard to summon the imposing Overhaul boss for an epic face-off.

Now, a little heads-up for all the enthusiastic players: you only need one Eri Shard for each summon. However, considering the boss drops a rare quirk, you might find yourself giving it multiple shots. So, if you’ve got a stash of Eri Shards, think about saving them up. That way, you can farm the Overhaul Quirk efficiently.

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Overhaul Boss Drops in AFSX

A screenshot showing the Overhaul Quirk in Anime Fighting Simulator X
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Now, let’s talk goodies. When you conquer the Overhaul Boss, Anime Fighting Simulator X really rolls out the red carpet:

  • Chikara: Every time you pin down the boss, you’ll find yourself richer by an astounding 10,000 to 15,000 Chikara. Trust me, it feels like the game’s way of giving you a hearty pat on the back!
  • Shiny Rock: This one’s a beauty. The Overhaul’s Shiny Rock, with a 12% drop rate, is your ticket to morphing champions into their sparkly, shiny avatars.
  • Overhaul Mask Accessory: More than just a fashion statement, the Overhaul Mask, with a 10% drop chance, amplifies your presence in any skirmish. I mean, who doesn’t love looking cool in a duel?
  • Overhaul Special/Quirk: And finally, the pièce de résistance! The Overhaul Special. At a teasingly rare 1% drop rate, this gem bestows players with a power-packed quirk that can truly tilt the scales in the arena. If you get this, flaunt it!
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