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Anime Mania: How-to get Gems

If you want to get gems in Anime Mania, then you're going to need to get ready for some farming because they can be hard to collect!
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Roblox’s Anime Mania is gaining popularity quickly, and players are attempting to collect their favorite and most powerful characters to wipe out enemies! This can be difficult if you’re short on Robux, because you need quite a bit of gems to land the top tier heroes in the game. We’ll take a look at what you can do to farm and get more of this valuable currency.

Ways to Get Gems

To get gems in Anime Mania, you will either need to redeem codes, play certain levels over and over, complete achievements, or purchase them with Robux. These are the primary ways to obtain them, and there’s not much else you can do to get them. You can hope someone will give them away, but this is a very unlikely strategy.

Redeem Codes

Like a lot of games in Roblox, Anime Mania has codes that can be redeemed for gems and gold. These can be found on our Anime Mania Codes page! If you’re desperate for gems, you will want to check for codes frequently. The developers of the game don’t post them too often, but when they do they can sometimes expire quite quickly. Some codes will just give you gems, but others will give you a mix of gems and gold.

Farm Levels/Maps

This is the main way you’re going to get gems, and that’s by farming specific levels. Now, the faster you can do this is going to depend on what characters you have. If you have low rarity characters, then this is going to be a lot harder to do. So, try to roll until you get a top tier character, or you reach the pity timer, because it’s a lot easier to farm when you have one of the powerful characters.

If you’ve got something fairly powerful, you can then repeatedly complete maps over and over to get gems. One recommended map is the Sadness Raid. If you can dish out quite a bit of damage, then this map only requires you to complete three waves. That can be done quite fast, and will get you 75 Gems and 150 Gold each time you complete it. Here’s a look at a video demonstrating this farm:

If you’re lower level or have weak characters, then you just have to farm whatever level you can complete the fastest. This could be just the first level, but because you are completing it quickly, you will accumulate gems faster than maps that take a long time to complete. It’s generally better to do this solo, because enemies get more health when there’s more players. However, if you have a friend who can carry you in the farms, then it’s worth having them help you out!


Look for the button at the bottom of your screen labeled Achievements. If you click on that you will open up a list of things you can complete for rewards. Each of these gives you a gem and gold reward when you complete one. Try to make sure you complete all of these to gain the rewards and earn some pretty easy to get gems.


Gems can be given away if they are purchased with Robux. So, if you have some favorite YouTubers, you might want to keep an eye out for them to give gems away in the game. This is a pretty big long shot, but if you’re desperate for gems, then this is an additional way to get them.


Well, you can always purchase gems with Robux if you really want to. One tip for this is to make sure to purchase the maximum amount, because you get the best Robux per gem price that way. There are ways to get Robux that don’t require you to pay money, we detail them in our How to get free Robux guide!

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