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Bleach Update: Roblox Anime Mania Tier List (2021)

We're taking a look at the best possible characters you can get in Anime Mania! These are going to be the most powerful options available to you in the game.
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Image: Anime Mania

While Roblox has its fair share of Anime games, there hasn’t been all that many like Anime Mania. This game mixes some elements of some of the RPG like Anime games, with the tower defense Anime games that have you fighting against waves of enemies. Instead of setting characters in place, you will take control of them, and make a team of characters that you take into battle against NPC foes.

It’s important to note that while some characters are considered top tier, that doesn’t mean they are far and away better than everything else available. If you play characters correctly, they can move up the tier list. If you have a favorite character who is lower on the list, you can still play them even though they might not be the most powerful!

If you’re looking to get more characters, then be sure to check out our Anime Mania Codes page which will get you some free gems that you can use for spins!

Anime Mania Tier List

To compile this tier list for Anime Mania, we’ve used a few different lists from various YouTubers that have posted about it. This is list makes up a compilation of what various people feel like are the top of the tiers. Here’s a look at the videos we used to create it:

This list is based off of the legendary rarity characters, because in just about all cases they are better than all of the other characters in the game. If you’re curious about the lesser rarities, then check out our Anime Mania Characters page.


  • Minatoes (Minato)
  • Nil (Ulquiorra Cifer)
  • Tamamoto (Yamamoto)
  • Zarrk (Coyote Starrk)


  • Awakened Hitachi (Awakened Itachi)
  • Mudra (Madara)
  • Nojo (Gojo)
  • Trolly (Broly)
  • White Bear (Whitebeard)


  • Masta (Asta)


  • Deus (Dio)
  • Hawkme (Mihawk)


  • Hanks (Shanks)
  • Kentachi (Kenpachi)
  • Lace (Ace)
  • Pisuke (Kisuke)

Keep in mind that tier lists are based on opinion! If you don’t agree with a character’s spot on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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  1. OOrightOOright

    If some Masta mains are wondering why Masta isn’t at S tier lets discuss about him lets start with the good sides Masta is a great solo player and a great aoe damager his first skill black slashes has great aoe dealing two slashes at once next black meteorite this skill hasn’t great aoe and is used for bosses and also you can combo it using air combo which is great black tornado this skill makes you dash and dealing dmg while spining with a tornado it his whoever get contact with the tornado similar like Mudra’s tornado this can be used if your black slashes doesn’t deal enough dmg Black divider this skill is a great clutch skill as it makes you invincible while charging ists a great aoe and also it has great knockback so you can get away after using this skill lets start with the bad sides Masta has long cooldowns and has no shields which basically makes him vulnerable to dmg also he’s attacks are one hit skills which doesn’t make the enemies paralyzed to make him get away if you do not understand what I mean lets get Awk Itachi’s 3rd skill Genjutsu this deals alot of dmg hitting them alot of times while getting hit the enemy cant move for a certain amount of time which is great

  2. Dinkywithers

    i think trolly should be s tier, when i use him in infinite mode i can get 120k dmg in by wave 20, [and my broly is only level 10] his 3rd move – oozaru rage is litterally busted. once a lot of enemies come out you can legit just make like 50 of them follow you, then just spam it and kill like all of them. in late infinite mode, i sometimes get like 15k damage EACH ROUND. he has a lot of aoe and his damage is really good, so i think he should be S tier. i disagree with whitebeard being in S tier because i played with white beards in infinite mode a lot, and they didnt even get half of the damage i got with trolly. i think white beard and trolly should be swapped.

  3. Happy

    Kisuke block move make him pretty much invincible since it has a low cooldown and you can spam it, so it should at least be a B teir, but other than that, its attack are also long range too, making it good for long range.