Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Update 8 Log & Patch Notes

Roblox's popular title, Anime Warriors Simulator 2, rolls out its eighth update, introducing a new world, warriors, traits, and more.
Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Update
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Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator 2 is expanding its horizons with the release of Update 8, introducing a host of new features, characters, and improvements that add depth and dynamism to the gaming experience. If you need free stuff, head to our Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Codes page for all the available freebies.

The most significant development is the unveiling of a brand-new world, Monster City, which is set to captivate players with its unique ambiance and challenges. Alongside this, there is an intriguing new ??? Artifact plus a prestige feature allowing players to enhance the power of their artifacts, increasing their gaming potential significantly.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Update 8 is the revamp of the Trait Reroll system. The new system permits instant rerolls, simplifying the process and accelerating gameplay. In addition, the update introduces a limited-time exclusive egg and 15 new warriors, expanding the roster and offering players more choices and strategic options.

In line with the expansion, the level cap has been raised to 170, giving players an opportunity to push their gaming skills and strategies further. The update also brings in a new quest and mount, offering additional gameplay elements and goals for players to pursue.

In terms of game enhancements, Update 8 includes various optimization changes that aim to improve the game’s performance and user experience. There are also numerous balancing adjustments and bug fixes designed to refine the gameplay mechanics and ensure a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience.

A standout feature of Update 8 is the new ??? artifact that can be obtained from any room in each dungeon. To make the acquisition of this artifact more exciting, the drop chance for the ??? artifact increases every five rooms.

Furthermore, the update brings a series of other changes, among which the chamber level cap has been increased to 130 and the artifact level cap raised to 70. The update also adds several new features, such as battle and dungeon announcements visible even while in a dungeon, and the display of potential upon egg opening.

Moreover, the update provides enhanced functionality for warrior inventory by enabling searches using rarity. It also revamps the Adult Rock character and adds the artifact level to the artifact index, thereby improving the user interface and game interactivity.

The trait reroll token packages have been increased, which along with a new XP boost added to the dungeon shop, offer more resources for players to advance in the game. To streamline dungeon navigation, the dungeon lever now operates the door faster. Additionally, trait reroll speed achievements have been converted into trait luck, further enhancing the new trait reroll system.

Here’s a look at the full list of patch notes from the Discord:

  • New World: Monster City!
  • ??? Artifact + Prestiges!
    • Prestige artifacts and make them powerful!
  • Trait Reroll Revamp!
    • Reroll instantly with the brand new system!
  • New LIMITED TIME exclusive egg!
  • 15 New Warriors!
  • Level cap increased to 170!
  • New Quest + Mount!
  • Optimization changes!
  • Balancing + bug fixes!

Each dungeon has a brand new ??? artifact that can be dropped from any room. The drop chance increases every 5 rooms! Changes:

  • Chamber level cap raised to 130 and artifact level cap raised to 70
  • Battle/dungeon announcements now show while in dungeon
  • Potential now shows on egg opening
  • Added search using rarity to warrior inventory
  • Trait reroll token packages increased
  • Adult Rock character revamp
  • Artifact level added to artifact index
  • XP boost added to the dungeon shop
  • Dungeon lever now opens the door faster
  • Trait reroll speed achievements are now converted into trait luck
  • Many optimization changes
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