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Best Golden Knight Launch Party Decks in Clash Royale

We are listing some of the best decks you can take into battle in the Golden Knight Launch Party event that's happening in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale has released the new Champions Update, and with it comes the Golden Knight Launch Party event! While playing in this challenge, you will need to build decks that take advantage of the Golden Knight champion card. Use his ability to charge forward into multiple enemies and get some dps onto that enemy tower! If you aren’t much of a deck builder, we have some of the best decks for the challenge listed below.

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Best Golden Knight Launch Party Decks

There’s many different types of deck that you can play to try and defeat other players while using the Golden Knight! GK pairs nicely with a variety of different options, including Bandit who shares similarities with it. We’ve gathered up the best decks you’ll find for this event below.

Golden Knight PEKKA Deck

This deck has come out as one of the best in this launch party, and includes Battle Ram, Electro Wizard, Fireball, Magic Archer, PEKKA, Royal Ghost, and Zap. You can also swap Fireball with Poison if you prefer that style of play or have that card more leveled up.

Golden Knight Graveyard Deck

This is another option that has popped up during the event, and features Barbarian Barrel, Electro Wizard, Goblin Cage, Graveyard, Mega Minion, Poison, and Skeletons.

Golden Knight Miner Poison Deck

This is a control deck that runs Bats, Miner, Poison, Royal Delivery, Skeletons, Tesla, and The Log. Golden Knight is a strong unit who can tank units, while you send in your Miner to deal some damage to towers. Otherwise, you utilize a lot of your cards to control your opponent’s units.

Morten used this deck to take him to #1 in the world, which you can watch in the video below!

Golden Knight Elite Barbarians Deck

This deck includes Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians, Heal Spirit, Mother Witch, and Royal Ghost.

Golden Knight Ram Rider Deck

This Golden Knight deck list features Baby Dragon, Barbarian Barrel, Electro Wizard, Giant Snowball, Lightning, PEKKA, and Ram Riders.

Golden Knight Bandit Cannon Cart Deck

You will find Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Cannon Cart, Electro Wizard, Fireball, Magic Archer, and Royal Ghost in this deck list.

Golden Knight Log Bait Deck

This deck features Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Inferno Tower, Lightning, Princess, Skeleton Army, and The Log. This uses the classic Log Bait shell, and replaces things like Knight by adding in Golden Knight.

Those are all of the best decks for the Golden Knight Launch Party in Clash Royale! We’ll try to add some additional decks as the event goes longer and people figure out what works even better!

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