Cassette Beasts announces PC release date for April

Retro creature collector Cassette Beasts has set a PC release date for April with a new gameplay trailer!
Cassette Beasts Release Date Image
Image: Raw Fury

Cassette Beasts, an upcoming retro-themed monster collector RPG from developer Bytten Studio and publisher Raw Fury, will officially launch April 26th, 2023, for PC via Steam and the PC Game Pass.

Although a concrete release date was not confirmed for console users, Cassette Beasts is still slated for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S “in late spring 2023”. It will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass at that time. You can watch the new release date trailer on the Raw Fury YouTube channel:

Naturally, any creature collector is going to draw immediate comparisons to Pokémon, but Cassette Beasts has absolutely built a unique approach. It lands somewhere between Pokémon and Digimon, where players can record new monsters and then literally transform into them, all through the magic of cassette tapes.

It’s a novel premise, with gorgeous artwork that harkens back to the 3DS days of Pokémon. The retro art design, music, and concept are undeniably charming, and don’t actually feel redundant.

This is a game that could easily rely on established mechanics, but smartly found its own approach. For example, another core mechanic is fusion, where players can combine any two monster forms. It basically amounts to weapon stacking, but in an expansive creature collector, that’s a very ambitious mechanic.

Fusion will really bring a fresh flavor to the genre, where each monster can essentially be discovered many times over, just to experiment with different combinations. It’s a creative way to reinterpret a concept like Pokémon’s evolution chains. It would be even neater if each monster in Cassette Beasts had its own tune, but that might be asking a bit much.

Despite familiar ideas like element-based combat, there is more than enough here to justify its existence and push the genre forward. Cassette Beasts looks like an absolute delight.

You can read more about Cassette Beasts, Bytten Studio, and other upcoming indie RPGs by checking out the rest of our news section!

Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

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