Ultra UnFair Codes [3X RATES] (June 2024)

We've got a list of all the new and working Roblox Ultra unFair codes that will get you a ton of great rewards!
Featured Ultra Unfair Codes

In Roblox Ultra UnFair, you’ll experience a challenging game based on the webtoon Unordinary. Brace yourself for tough battles, as the game truly lives up to its name. It’s a punishing experience where every victory makes you stronger, but be warned – even the weakest foes can be a serious threat.

Codes in Ultra UnFair get you handy freebies such as Ultra Luck and Cash. However, make sure to redeem these using our Ultra UnFair codes list as fast as you can because they might expire soon. Remember to include the !, or the code will not work!

All Ultra UnFair Codes List

Active Ultra UnFair Codes (Working)

  • !OldTaterTots try not to leak challenge – Freebies (NEW)
  • !OldTaterTots is greedy – Freebies (NEW)
  • !OldTaterTots lied and said the update was coming out earlier so here’s compensation since he doesnt know anything. Also don’t trust anything he says from now on. – 5 Wheel Spins (Fullstop must be included)
  • !1.5MVISITS – 100,000 Cash
  • !TRAITREROLLS – 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !5KLIKES – 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !sorryimportantshutdown – Wheel spins
  • !OLDTATERTOTSGIVEAWAY – 5 wheel spins
  • !shutdownrip – 10 wheel spins
  • !PITY – 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !4500LIKES – 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !MORESTYLES – 100,000 Cash
  • !4KLIKES – Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !AFK – Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !1MILLIONVISITS – Redeem code for 30 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !MOREAURAS – Redeem code for 100,000 Cash
  • !3750likes – Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !sorryforshutdown🙁 – Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Ultra Luck

Find codes for a bunch of other games in our Roblox Games Codes page.

Expired Ultra UnFair Codes

  • !900KVISITS
  • !3500likes
  • 3000LIKES!
  • !600KVISITS
  • !2500LIKES
  • !17KLIKES!!!
  • !16KLIKES
  • !PitySystem
  • !awesome10klikes
  • !update2
  • !update4
  • !7500likesyay
  • !6000likes!
  • !a mongoose
  • !100K
  • !Group

How to Redeem Ultra UnFair Codes

To redeem codes in Roblox Ultra UnFair, you will just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open up chat in the game by pressing / or the text bubble in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Enter a working code in the text box, including the !, and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  3. If the code is still active, you’ll get your free rewards instantly.
  4. If not, let us know in the comments!
How To Redeem Codes In Ultra UnFair Roblox
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

Should a newly released code fail to work, consider exiting and then re-entering the game. This action transfers you to a different server, potentially with an updated version of the game where the code functions correctly.

How to Get More Ultra UnFair Codes

Join the game’s BtKing Studios Roblox Group or BtKing Studios Discord to stay updated for more Ultra UnFair codes. They provide the latest game news, updates, and codes. Also, bookmark this page for consistent updates with all the latest freebies by pressing CTRL + D.

Why Are Ultra UnFair Codes Not Working?

If you’re having trouble with an Ultra UnFair code, just make sure you’ve entered it right. Another option is to copy and paste it to be sure. If it’s still not working, the code might have expired. This can happen suddenly, especially with new game updates, so it’s best not to wait before using your codes. If you find a code that’s not working, just let us know, and we’ll move it to the expired list.

When Will New Ultra UnFair Codes Be Released?

There’s no fixed release schedule for new Ultra UnFair codes. Instead, they often appear during game updates, special events, or when the game achieves specific player or other milestone goals such as likes and visits. New codes can also appear to apologize for any shutdowns or bugs.

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