Chivalry 2 introduces new Midsommar brawl event

Chivalry 2 has just released a new Midsommar map for players to celebrate the season.
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Image: Torn Banner Studios

Chivalry 2 is one of the best melee fighting games out there, recently selling over 300,000 copies on Steam in the first 10 days. The game also received the free Tenosian Invasion update, which added new mechanics and a new faction to the game. Now, Chivalry 2 has received another update that’s bringing a new seasonal event to the game.

This new update brings the Midsommar Festival to Chivalry 2 with an all-new brawl map that takes place in the middle of a dance-off between druids. The festival set in the fields of Aberfell takes a violent turn when the spectators get involved.

The event introduces new items for the player to use as weapons, including the Midsommar pole, the wood hammer, and a flower vase. In addition to the new items, players can grab legs, books, food, and many of the other items they’re used to.

There were also new environment objects that players can interact with, like the mini-catapult, which will send the enemy flying. The player becomes the projectile and can damage enemies when they hit them. There is currently a glitch in the new mode where the mini-catapult sends the player flying out of bounds.

Players can dress up for the festival with the new seasonal Bear Mask and Flower Crown helmets. Like past seasonal events, these helmets will likely leave the game when the event is over. In addition to the new Midsommar map and cosmetics, Rudhelm Feast is coming back. Players will be able to play on both of these maps until the event ends.

A tip for the new Midsommar map is that there are heavy hammers located around the map. If you can get one of those or the long Midsommar poles, you’ll have an advantage over your opponents. Most players in the brawl will want to get close, so anything that puts some distance between you and them will help a lot.

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