Clash of Clans June Update: New Apprentice Warden Troop & More!

The latest Clash of Clans update brings exciting additions including a new troop, the Apprentice Warden, along with gameplay improvements and modifications.
Clash Of Clans Apprentice Warden
Image: Supercell

Clash of Clans has been unveiling a bunch of details on its June 2023 update, which introduces a new addition to the troop roster, the Apprentice Warden, alongside multiple game enhancements and additions.

The Apprentice Warden, a new Dark Elixir Troop, can be unlocked at Town Hall 13 following an upgrade of the Dark Barracks to level 10. This magical novice is a ground unit possessing the ability to perform ranged attacks using his mystical slingshot. Despite not having yet mastered the ability to fly like his mentor, the Grand Warden, the Apprentice Warden can leap over Walls, enabling him to bypass obstacles.

However, the Apprentice Warden’s skills extend beyond mere offense. He also carries a magical Life Aura that boosts the hit points of the ground troops around him. Notably, the aura does not stack with those from Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens, and the most potent aura will always take precedence in cases of overlap.

The June update also introduces two new Magic Items, the Pet Potion and the Builder Star Jar, as a response to player requests for enhancing Hero Pet upgrade times and bypassing the Builder Base’s Star Bonus cooldown timer respectively.

Another key addition is the inclusion of four unique Hero Skins and a new War Scenery in the League Shop, purchasable with League Medals. These Hero Skins, symbolizing different League levels, along with the War Scenery, serve as badges of honor, showcasing a clan’s War League prowess.

Clash Of Clans New Hero Skins
Image: Supercell

This update also carries with it several gameplay enhancements and balance changes. The user interface for Hero Skin selection has been improved to show off the upgraded lighting and textures of the Hero Skins. Sceneries now feature a proper full-screen preview and can be purchased directly from the preview screen.

Among the balance changes, level 9 Miners and Super Miners have received an increase in hit points, and troops will now deploy faster from Siege Machines if many troops are embarked. Notably, the Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Barbarians & Archers, and the reload time for Rage Spell Tower has been increased.

The update is also making strides towards improved game performance, with a confirmation popup appearing before a Clan Capital Raid attack if your Capital Gold storage is more than 90% full. Personal breaks have been disabled, allowing uninterrupted gameplay. Other changes include the improved trophy calculation formula for BH6-10 players and an increase in the bonus Capital Gold for remaining troops after clearing a District.

Finally, the June update addresses and fixes a range of bugs, improving the gaming experience. An issue regarding the display of available Capital Raid attacks has been fixed along with a bug causing Strongman’s Pony and fireworks to disappear. In addition, a problem that would occasionally prevent selection of units during a 2nd stage attack in Builder Base battles has been resolved.

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